Monster Mania Slots

Monster-ManiaMonster Mania is a very cute looking slot, with a theme inspired by monsters of all kinds, though all of them are imaginary, not based on reality. Looking like a cast of characters from a Pixar movie, the monsters present on the reels of Monster Mania look more cute than threatening, which helps the game with its appeal. The game might lack quality features, but it does quite well with the design, so it has at least that going for it.

The modern layout of Monster Mania hosts only 9 paylines on it, which is not the minimum possible, but it’s close enough to make it look like an older game. There are wild symbols and scatters as features, once again not a lot being offered in this area. Top payouts give you up to $2,000.

Features of Monster Mania

There are only two very simple features in Monster Mania. They’re the typical symbols that you see in such games, the wild and the scatter, but without the usual bonus games, multipliers or free spins that they bring with them in other slots.

First, the wild symbol, represented by the image of a scorpion like monster, which has the word WILD in its mouth. It will not offer prizes directly, but it does substitute for other symbols, trying to help them create their own combinations. It doesn’t replace a scatter, but it works with the other 10 regular symbols.

The Scatter Brain is the symbol with scatter abilities. Its only role here is to give you prizes, and it will do it by appearing in three to five locations, even if they’re scattered. It will also take into account the wager you’ve placed that round, and then it will give you between 10x and 100x the value of that bet.

Betting options and jackpots

You decide how many coins you want to use, and you do it by selecting the number of lines. Each line get a single coin, while the denomination is between $0.25 and $2. With 9 lines used, the total goes up to $18.

The game’s biggest prizes offer you 1,000 coins back, so that’s only $2,000. It is beyond disappointing, as most decent slots will give you at least a 5,000x return on your line bet.

Design and symbols

The cartoon like design of Monster Mania helps make it a very fun to play slot machine. The monsters look like they’re taken from children’s books, so they’re not good enough to be characters in animation movies. They’ve quite lovable, cute and definitely not as threatening as they might be considered in real life.


Symbols: Wild Monster (wild), Scatter Brain (scatter, 100x bet), Fuzzy Monster (1,000 coins), Chameleon Monster (900 coins), Blue Horned Monster (700 coins), Eyeball Monster (500 coins), Snake Monster (300 coins), Apple (250 coins), Orange (200 coins), Watermelon (150 coins), Grapes (100 coins) and Bananas (50 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

While the design and the main characters are cute, the slot has too few paylines, low value prizes and only a couple of basic features. I’d recommend you stay away from it.

Monster Mania can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.