Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Slots

Multi-Player-Wheel-of-WealthThis slot, called Wheel of Wealth, is special mostly because of the multi-player aspect. This allows regular players to play while seeing how others are doing, and to even take advantage of the same features when one of them manages to trigger the wheel bonus game. It’s not the only multi-player slot machine available today, but since there aren’t that many of them it’s always nice to see a new addition, even one with mostly fruits as symbols. The designer behind this game is Microgaming, and they have a couple of other slots that work the same way.

The fact that you can play with others is the main selling point of this game, otherwise a pretty normal title, with 5 reels and 25 win lines. You have a bonus game which can get started by any of the players that participate, plus scatter symbols and wilds. The jackpot is not very impressive, worth $5,000.

Features of Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth

The game has among its features the multi-player aspect, wild symbols, scatters, bonus games and free spins.

The screen shows you five slot machines at the same time, yours and four others. The others are regular players, just like yourself, which are enjoying a game in multi-player mode. You can talk with other players if you want to, and you can see their multiplier levels, which come into play when the bonus game is activated for everyone.

As for the regular features, the wild symbol is one of them, using the Wheel of Wealth Logo. It acts as a substitute, trying to replace other regular symbols on the reels, helping them create their own combinations by being in the right place at the right time. It doesn’t always work, but often enough it will be the reason why you have a profit in one round, instead of a loss. It can also trigger its own prizes, of up to 2,000x, when up to five Logos show up on the same active line.

With scatter symbols being so common these days, it’s probably no surprise that the game includes one. It’s the image of a Scatter Coin, using gold and silver. It can trigger prizes of up to 300 times the bet, by simply being present somewhere on the five reels.

Bonus Game

The bonus game uses multipliers that are collected in the base game. Whenever you have 2 or more scatter symbols, the multiplier goes up by 1x. When you finally manage to trigger the bonus game, the wins will be multiplied by that amount.


You don’t have to be the one to trigger the feature, it’s enough that one of the five players start it, and all of them will be able to take advantage after that.

It’s a Wheel of Fortune type of bonus game, where each player selects a value. You don’t automatically win a prize, but other players might.

Betting options and jackpots

Since each payline accepts up to 10 coins, with 25 lines you can end up with wagers that use 250 coins. Their value is between $0.01 and $0.25, so the maximum bet is at $62.50.

You can win 20,000 coins from the slot, which means a 2,000x reward. With coins of $0.25 used, that’s only $5,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The multi-player aspect influences the design of the slot. You have your own 5 reels at the bottom, with the other four machines being displayed in the upper half and with the Wheel of Wealth placed between them. The symbols look good, colorful and with crisp looking images in them. They are either fruits or precious metals/cash based icons.


Symbols: Logo (2,000x, wild), Gold Coin (scatter, 300x bet), Private Jet (1,500x), Red Car (1,250x), Diamond (1,000x), Gold Bars (750x), Cash (500x), Watermelon (125x), Orange (125x), Lime (100x), Red Apple (100x), Grape (75x) and Cherries (75x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The social aspect is by far the best thing about this slot machine. The ability to play with others, chat and take advantage of the same bonus feature will make the game a lot of fun.

Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.