MySlot Slots

MySlotIt isn’t often that I find myself in awe of a slot machine, but it’s definitely the case with MySlot, a game from Microgaming unlike any other I’ve seen so far. It’s not the design that got me so impressed, nor the features (which are quite typical and boring). It’s the ability that you have in this slot to change the design. You create your own slot machine here, changing things like the music, the background image or the symbols. You have a lot of control over how the game looks, though not over the way it plays, but that’s enough to keep a lot of players busy.

It might not seem like much at first, with its use of only 9 lines on the 5 reels, but MySlot offers both the chance to create your own slot machine design and a few features that are normal by now, with multipliers, wilds, free spins and scatter symbols. Even the top prize looks very good, worth $50,000.

Features of MySlot

The basic features of MySlot are the scatter and the wild symbol, and they bring with them free spins and multipliers . Nothing truly special there, but the ability to change the design of the slot makes the game very exciting.

First, the wild symbol, which in the default theme is used by the Diamond image. As a wild, this symbol has the power to help you create new combinations, whenever it appears in a spot where a different regular symbol was needed. At that point, the wild takes the role of that regular symbol, completing the win line. At the same time, it brings you a prize that is worth 2x the usual value, applying a multiplier to the win.

The Coin is the scatter symbol, capable of appearing in any position on the reels of the game. You only need two of these scatters in order to get paid with its help, but more of them bring you bigger payouts.

Free Games Feature

Whenever a minimum of three Coins are scattered on the game’s reels, get ready for a round of free spins. 15 of them are offered, with wins tripled.


Betting options and jackpots

For every payline that is activated, and you decide how many are used, 1 to 5 coins are part of the wager. These coins have a minimum denomination of $0.01, while the maximum is $1. Max everything out, and you get $5 line bets and a $45 total bet.

The slot’s best combo is going to give you 10,000x, or up to 50,000 coins ($50,000). It’s more than decent for a top jackpot, though there are some that do even better.

Design and symbols

The design of MySlot is rather bland and inspired by the classics, with playing cards and classic icons being used everywhere. There is also the option to play with a pet theme, which comes with the slot. The true strength of the game comes from the ability you have to change everything about the gameplay experience.


In order to start changing the design of the slot, you go to the Theme Menu and you access the Create New Theme section. You are taken to a page with all the symbols displayed, and you have the option to click on each one in order to edit it. You have six low paying symbols in the form of playing cards, plus five high paying symbols and two feature symbols. You need 13 images total to replace all the symbols with your own. Other options on that page include the theme color and the ability to change the music.

You can make a Lord of the Rings theme if you want, or you can use pictures with your friends and family, or whatever else you want. If you do it right, the game can be a lot more fun than it is in its original form.

Symbols: Diamond (wild, 10,000x), Coin (scatter), Golden Bell (750x), Cash (750x), Gold Bar (400x), Orange (250x), Cherry (250x), Ace (125x), King (125x), Queen (100x), Jack (100x), 10 (100x) and 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s the only slot machine that allows you to create your own design for the game, and it’s very easy to do that. It’s worth playing for that alone, but it also uses a complete collection of features and payouts of up to $50,000 to sweeten the offer.

You will find MySlot at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.