One Armed Bandit Slots

One-Armed-BanditOne Armed Bandit is a Microgaming classic slot machine, but at the same time it’s a Wild West themed game which should prove quite popular among the fans of the genre. The game itself doesn’t bring anything new to the table, being the same type of classic slot that you see at most developers these days, and whose template is also used in most classic titles that Microgaming releases. The design is one of the better things about it, as it doesn’t have much else to offer for variety.

If you’re placing a wager in One Armed Bandit, you have three paylines that can be covered. The slot’s feature list is empty, nothing offered here. The $20,000 top jackpot is the main reason to play it, along with the Wild West theme.

Features of One Armed Bandit

The game tries to be as close to a classic as possible when it comes to some things, like the features, but it doesn’t do the same thing when the theme is concerned. You get no wilds in this game, and those are features that are easy to use in any classic slot, if you want to have something extra for the players.

If you enjoy simple games, as close to the original pub slots as possible, but you want a nicer design to make it easier to play in the long run, One Armed Bandit might just be the perfect slot machine for you. It has no features, but it looks good and the theme is a very popular ones.

Betting options and jackpots

You should decide what coin value you want to use first. The minimum is at $0.25, with the maximum at $5. You use one coin per active line, so the most you can wager is $15 for three lines.

The top reward is worth 4,000 coins, or $20,000, when you get three Bandits on the third line. The second line awards 2,000 coins, while the first line gives 1,000 coins.

Design and symbols

The theme I’ve mentioned already, with its Wild West influence and the focus on the lawless men of the era. A bandit is shown right next to the logo, a redhead man with a hat, with a cigar in the corner of his mouth and a red bandana around his neck. He doesn’t look like a kind man, so he fits the bandit description perfectly. The symbols do include some classics as well, but at least some of them are designed in a way that makes them appropriate for this theme, with the Bar icons using bullets.

Symbols: Bandit (4,000 coins), Red 7 (150 coins), Three Bullet Bars (50 coins), Two Bullet Bars (20 coins) and One Bullet Bar (10 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

As long as you enjoy games without features, One Armed Bandit will be a lot of fun. The Wild West theme is the one that makes sure of that.

You will find One Armed Bandit at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.