Oriental Fortune Slots

Oriental-FortuneOriental Fortune has an Asian inspired theme, as you probably guessed thanks to the title. Microgaming gives us in this game a very simple slot, with few lines and only one feature, plus some average looking graphics. All in all, it doesn’t appear to be a good enough contender for the other Asian themed slots available on the market, many of them gorgeous titles that I would play any day of the week. As it stands, Oriental Fortune appears to be destined to the market that prefers classic slots, and which might want to try something with more reels, but with the same rather basic experience otherwise.

Quite the simple game, Oriental Fortune presents you with only 5 lines, despite the fact that it has 5 reels. There is also only one feature inside, a wild symbol, while top prizes reach a value of $25,000.

Features of Oriental Fortune

The features of Oriental Fortune are in some ways even weaker than those that some classic slots will offer. There is only one wild symbol in the game, and it doesn’t offer prizes of its own, it has no multipliers, it’s not stacked and it doesn’t expand.

The only thing it does is the usual substitution that every single wild will do, and since no other features exist in the game, it will do it for all the symbols, no exceptions. Though the wild still needs to land in the precise spot where it’s needed, you will find that it will happen often enough and that in the long run you’re going to be happy to have its help.

Betting options and jackpots

For each line that is activated, you get to use a single coin. Its value will vary between $0.25 and $5, so you can end up with $5 line bets and $25 total bets if you choose to up the stakes by that much.

You will find that the jackpot promises a 5,000x reward, which for you should mean the same number of coins and a value of up to $25,000. You might get the impression that the low number of lines gives you very small odds of winning prizes, but you should know that combinations form both from left to right, and from right to left, so the chances are much better than you think.

Design and symbols

The Asian theme is mostly visible when you look at the themed symbols. There are things like Geishas, Dragons, Koi fish and Pagodas, so it’s definitely inspired by Asia and China in particular. As for the playing cards, these look more like characters that are reserved for Arabic themed games. The background image is purple, with some decent looking decorations that are barely visible on it.


Symbols: Geisha (wild), Oriental Fortune Logo (5,000 coins), Gold Statue (3,000 coins), Dragon (2,000 coins), Koi Fish (700 coins), Pagoda (600 coins), King (500 coins), Queen (400 coins), Jack (300 coins) and 10 (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t try to offer too much, but perhaps that’s exactly why some people will enjoy playing this simple slot machine.

This Oriental Fortune slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.