Phileas Hog Slots

Phileas-HogPhileas Hog is an impressive classic slot machine, one where you can expect to find a lot of cool features, along with better than usual prizes and a theme which is based on the story of Phileas Fogg. Fogg was the main character from the Jules Verne novel called “Around the World in 80 Days”. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, it’s one of those stories that pretty much everyone has heard or read at some point. The game borrowed the travel theme and the name, then used it to create a slot where the main character is a pig called Phileas Hog.

It’s a classic slot, so it has the 3 reels you would expect from it, but it also has a total of 5 lines, the most that you can get from these games. Top payouts of up to $20,000 and a bonus feature with cash prizes, nudges and bonus games are available in it.

Features of Phileas Hog

The features of Phileas Hog are there, but you don’t get to trigger them directly while in the base game. There is a bonus game inside, with a wheel of fortune which will award all kinds of cool prizes and other features.

Bonus Game

The bonus game can be triggered with the help of the Gamble option. If you have a winning combo in the base game, and you gamble the prize, you can get access to the bonus game when you’re successful and you manage to double your money.


The bonus game has 9 different features that it can trigger, along with cash prizes and nudges. You win them through the wheel of fortune that is placed in the middle of the screen.

Among the features offered you will find Globetrotter, Truffle Shuffle, Greedy Pig, Round the World, Pig Out, Streaky Bacon, Sniff it out, Jet Set Go and Makin’ Bacon.

Betting options and jackpots

You don’t have to choose the number of coins in this game, you just have to decide on the total value of the wager, which will be anywhere between $0.10 and $10 per round.

The slot’s top reward will be a 2,000x multiple, meaning that it can bring you up to $20,000. Phileas Hog himself awards it.

Design and symbols

Though a bit crowded, I have to say that the design of Phileas Hog is excellent, with our main character sitting to the left of the reels, while all around him you find well known landmarks and buildings of the world. From Big Ben, to the Pyramids, Statue of Liberty, Rome’s Coliseum, Rio’s Jesus Statue or the Eiffel Tower, they’re all crowded on the screen, with the ocean behind them all. The quality is better than in your average classic slot machine, so it’s an extra reason to appreciate it.

Symbols: Phileas Hog (2,000x), Balloon (250x), Earth Globe (50x), Luggage (20x), Pocket Watch (10x), Red 7 (8x), Blue Bar (6x), Orange (4x), Lemon (2x) and Cherry (1x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The travel theme and the inspiration drawn from the well known novel by Jules Verne will make you love this slot machine, especially since Microgaming made sure that it was a high quality title, despite the classic layout used.

You will find Phileas Hog at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.