Power Spins – Atomic 8’s Slots

Power-Spins-Atomic-8sAtomic 8s is one of the slots that are part of the Power Spins series, games which have a bit of a gimmick to differentiate them from the competition, though I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. The developer behind this slot is Microgaming and the theme is a classic one for the most part, though many of the symbols have atoms in orbit around them. It’s a cool enough game, even with the classic influence, but let’s see if the power spin they offer is good enough to use.

With 5 reels, Atomic 8s could have offered a lot more paylines than it does, only 9 being available. The Power Spin is an important part of the experience, but you will also get some more conventional symbols, like the scatter symbol or the wild. A $80,000 top jackpot is the slot’s very impressive way of motivating you.

Features of Power Spins – Atomic 8’s

You will discover both wilds and scatters in this game, along with a feature called Power Spin.

The Power Spin is a spin which you have to pay extra in order to activate, and which will give you the option to also form combinations from right to left, not just from left to right. You use the equivalent of 9 lines for regular game rounds, to which you add an extra 3 lines worth of wagers when Power Spins are on, for a total which covers the equivalent of 12 lines. The Power Spin is activated from the button placed in the bottom right corner. When this is activated, you still need symbols on consecutive reels, but now they can start from the 5th reel as well, not just from the 1st one.

The feeling here is that an additional 33% added to the wager is a decent amount to trigger the Power Spin and have the game pay both ways. It’s a feature that many other games offer, some without asking you to pay extra, so the fact that they’re called Power Spins here is more of a gimmick, though that doesn’t take away from the slot’s merits.

The wild symbol is your normal feature which you can use to substitute for other symbols, and it’s obviously a lot more valuable when the game pays both ways, since it’s easier to form combinations. The wild is also responsible for the top jackpot being offered, which happens when up to five Atomic Logos are present on the same line.


The Radiation Sign is the scatter symbol in this game. You will get paid whenever a minimum of two are on the reels, even if they’re not arranged in any way. The better payouts come when the maximum of five scatters are present, in which case you get 300x the triggering bet as a reward.

Betting options and jackpots

The game has 9 paylines total, which can get wagers of up to $10 each one. These line bets are composed of up to 10 coins of $1, but you can also use denominations as small as $0.01, or only one coin. Normally, the wagers will go up to $90, but since the Power Spin option adds another 3 lines worth of wagers, you can go as high as $120.

The game promises rewards of up to 80,000 coins, where you need the wild symbol to cover an entire active line. That’s up to $80,000 cash, a more than decent reward for a game.

Design and symbols

The game looks modern, despite the classic influence which is seen in the choice of symbols. There are cherries, bells, bars and 8s among these symbols, many of them with atoms orbiting them, or being in flames. Radiation signs and black and yellow borders are used all around, with a honeycomb like background image being visible as well. Overall, a decent looking slot machine, a bit dark since the reels are all black, but pleasant nonetheless.


Symbols: Atomic Logo (8,000x, wild), Nuclear Sign (scatter, 300x bet), Red 8 (4,000x), Gray 8 (2,000x), Blue 8 (1,000x), Atomic Three Bar (300x), Atomic Two Bar (200x), Atomic One Bar (150x), Flaming Bell (50x) and Flaming Cherries (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

All three Power Spins slots deserve a chance, as they all bring something different to the table. If you’re tired of the same old slots, which all look and play the same, Atomic 8s could be the solution, especially since it pays very well.

The Power Spins – Atomic 8’s slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.