Prime Property Slots

Prime-PropertyI love it when slot machines are based on themes that nobody else has tried before, and that’s exactly what Microgaming’s Prime Property does. The theme in question is based on a quest to find a new home for your family. Along the way you’re going to find developers and real estate agents, along with both regular and some very cool houses. If you enjoy window shopping for a new house, this game has every kind of building you could want, including some very luxurious ones.

You get plenty of houses to choose from, and you also get plenty of paylines in Prime Property, with 40 of them used on the 5 reels. There is a bonus game that gives you free spins with multipliers, and then you have a scatter and a wild. Payouts reach a top value of $15,000.

Features of Prime Property

There are wild symbols in Prime Property, and then there are scatters, free spins and very big multipliers.

First, we have the wild symbol, a feature which helps out in two ways. Ideally, you’re going to see it land multiple times on the same line, and forming its own combo. That will bring you top payouts of up to 12,000x, which is quite generous for this type of game. However, most of the time you’re going to discover wilds landing on the reels by themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not of some use to you. They can help you by being part of new combinations, substituting for other symbols when they land exactly where they’re needed. They can’t substitute for bonus or scatter symbols.


The Move It Truck is the game’s scatter symbol. While in other slots you can expect some kind of feature to get triggered with its help, in this case another scatter is used for that purpose. This particular scatter will offer you a prize, nothing more. The prize can be very generous though, going up to 100 times the triggering bet, for up to five Truck scatters present.

Bonus Game With Free Spins

The bonus game has its own scatter symbol that triggers it. The Property Newspaper is the culprit, with 3 to 5 symbols of this type in random locations being needed. Depending on the number of symbols, you get a certain number of free spins and a multiplier to start with.


If you have three symbols, you start from 1 spin with a 1x multiplier. Four symbols brings you 2 spins and 2x multipliers. Five symbols will get you started with 3 spins for free and with 3x multipliers.

That’s not all you’re getting though. You’re taken to a screen filled with houses next, and you have to choose. You keep picking houses, and getting increased multipliers or additional spins, until you get a result that will end the bonus game and start the free spins.

Betting options and jackpots

1 to 200 coins are used in bets placed in Prime Property. The individual lines accept between 1 and 5 coins, but you’re not obligated to activate them all if you don’t want to. These coins allow you to get to line bets of up to $1.25, the maximum denomination being $0.25.

With the wild symbol creating its own combinations, you can expect up to 12,000x to be offered as a reward. That’s a $15,000 maximum prize, which is not exactly huge, but the free spins can bring multipliers of 8x.

Design and symbols

The game looks perfect for the theme that was chosen for it. There is a white picket fence neighborhood placed right behind the game area, while the reels are occupied by symbols with houses or real estate agents. The houses look great, done in a cartoon style drawing, while the characters are all with features somewhat enhanced, like caricatures.


Symbols: Prime Property Sign (12,000x, wild), Move It Truck (2,000x bet, scatter), Property Newspaper (scatter, 100x bet), Blonde Realtor (2,000x), Afro American Realtor (1,500x), Brunette Man (1,000x), Brunette Lady (750x), Mansion (250x), Villa (200x), Summer House (150x), Double Storey House (125x) and Single Storey House (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

There are no other slots with this particular theme, and it’s very well done, so you have every reason to give it a shot, especially if house hunting is something you enjoy doing.

The Prime Property slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.