Queen of the Jungle Slots

Queen-of-the-JungleQueen of the Jungle is indeed themed around the jungle, and a beautiful queen is present on the reels, among symbols which show off all kinds of fruits, monkeys and cocktails. The jungle serves as a backdrop and every single element that is part of the design was excellently handled. It’s one of the great Microgaming slot machines, despite the low number of paylines used in it.

It’s hard to believe that this is a 9 line slot machine, as that is the kind of layout that you usually get from much older and less appealing slot machines. It’s full of great features, including a bonus game with three different paths to take, a wild symbol, scatters, free spins and multipliers. Even the top jackpot looks good, with $30,000 being offered.

Features of Queen of the Jungle

Wild symbols, scatters and free spins with 3x multipliers are all part of the slot. However, the best feature seems to be the Monkey bonus game, with its three different levels that you can choose from.

With the Game Logo appearing on the reels, you will find that you get paid more often, the symbol being a wild which can take the place of another icon. It does this only in certain conditions, when it lands in the right spot, so it’s not like a Superman symbol that flies to the rescue wherever it’s needed. Still, despite its limitations, the wild will often contribute to your bottom line, both when used as a substitute and when it forms its own combinations. It can award up to 3,000x on its own, when up to five wilds are on the same active line.

The first of the two scatter symbols is the Fruit Cocktail, with a pink drink held by a coconut vessel. First of all, the simple presence of a couple of scattered Cocktails will be enough to bring you a prize, which is worth between 1x and 200x the triggering bet. Second, the free spins are started with its help as well.

Free Games Feature

The game’s free spins will start whenever you have a minimum of three Cocktail symbols scattered on the reels. You will also be rewarded with the cash prizes mentioned above, so one doesn’t exclude the other.


There are 15 spins awarded for free in this feature, with 3x multipliers which triple the prizes.

Monkey Around Bonus Game

The slot’s bonus game has its own symbol, which will trigger it as a scatter. You only need three of the five reels to have Monkey scatters on them, in order to activate the feature. Next, you are taken to a new screen, where you choose one of the three levels of the feature.


You can win 14,400 coins in Monkey Gift, 22,860 coins in Monkey Chop and 16,200 coins in Monkey Fetch. The size of the bet you placed will determine exactly how many coins you take home, along with the random multiplier obtained during the feature.

Monkey Gift

The first option is called Monkey Gift. The most you can win here is 80x the triggering bet. There are 9 gifts which are offered by small monkeys. You pick one of them, and you can reject it and choose another if you’re not satisfied. The fourth time you choose a gift you are forced to keep it.


Monkey Chop

The second bonus game is called Monkey Chop, and here you have to choose from the 12 coconuts that are in front of you. You continue to pick coconuts until you find one that doesn’t break. At that point you collect your winnings and you return to the base game.


Monkey Fetch

The third feature offered in this bonus game is called Monkey Fetch. You pick three of the monkeys that are hanging from vines, and they will go and bring in fruit ingredients for a cocktail. Each one will offer you a different random prize.


Betting options and jackpots

You can spend anywhere between $0.01 and $90 in order to get the reels moving for one spin. You cover 1 to 9 lines, and you use 1 to 20 coins for each line that you choose. As for the denomination of the coins, it’s between $0.01 and $0.50, so up to $10 can be used per line when all 20 are selected.

Since the line bet is worth up to $10, and the game offers a 3,000x jackpot, the cash value of that top prize is going to be up to $30,000.

Design and symbols

The number of paylines might fool you, but this is clearly not a dated slot machine. It’s modern, it looks great, the developers paid attention and created a beautiful game. Though it offers playing card icons, they are designed in a way that makes them feel appropriate for a jungle title. All in all, a gorgeous slot machine and it’s going to be a pleasure playing it.


Symbols: Logo (wild, 3,000x), Monkeys (bonus), Cocktail (200x triggering wager, scatter), Queen (1,500x), Jungle Man (1,000x), Fruits (750x), Ace (150x), King (125x), Queen (100x), Jack (80x), 10 (60x) and 9 (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game is impressive, in a lot of ways, from its design to its list of features, but it has some average things as well (the jackpot), while the number of available lines would be a clear disadvantage.

This Queen of the Jungle slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.