Red Hot Devil Slots

Red-Hot-DevilRed Hot Devil is a modern slot machine, created by Microgaming and using a theme which is not 100% original, but which I’m always happy to see. Using a devil inspired theme, where the main character is an attractive woman dressed in red leather, the slot uses quite a few classic symbols, but whatever the image shown in the symbol, you can be sure that it’s going to be on fire.

5 reels are present on the screen once the game loads, and they play host to 25 paylines, which are always active. They can bring you top payouts of $12,500, while the features offered include the typical scatters and wilds, but also a bonus feature which can bring you free spins, multipliers and a bonus game.

Features of Red Hot Devil

The wild symbol is one example of a feature which Red Hot Devil delivers, the scatter is another, plus the latter will trigger for you three types of bonus games, which will give you a Wheel of Fire, free spins with wild reels, or free spins with big multipliers.

The slot’s logo is the one that is used as the wild symbol. As is the case with many other games, it’s a very simple feature, and unfortunately you’re not going to get any prizes from it. The reason is that the wild is only allowed to appear on the three middle reels of the game. Still, it will be able to act as a substitute for regular symbols, the scattered Heart being the obvious exception.


The more impressive symbol in this game would be the heart shaped ruby which is on fire. Acting as the scatter symbol, it will appear on all the reels and you will need a minimum of two to get a prize, while three or more trigger the feature. Prizes start at the equivalent of one bet, but they go as high as 200x the bet when all five are present.

Bonus Choice

The bonus choice gets activated when you have 3 to 5 scattered Hearts on the reels of the game, in the same round. At that point, you are asked to choose one of the three available bonus games.

The first choice gives you free spins, plus a Red Hot Multiplier which goes up to 10x. A total of 10 free spins exist, with the multiplier going up by 1x during each round.


The second choice is a bonus game called Wheel of Fire. You get a screen with floating orbs on it, and you make picks. In return, you get a joker or hearts. The hearts will bring prizes, while the joker ends the feature.

The third choice is also with free spins, but now you get up to 3 Red Hot Wild Reels as the bonus. 10 spins are offered for free in this case.

Betting options and jackpots

You always use a minimum of 25 coins in this game, as all the paylines need to be covered. You have 1 to 10 coins per line, so the wagers vary between 25 and 250 coins. With denominations being between $0.01 and $0.25, the maximum bet is $62.50.

You are offered a top jackpot of 5,000x, meaning 50,000 coins or $12,500. This prize is obtained with the scatter symbol’s help, which offers 200x the bet. Some very impressive multipliers are part of the free spins, so there is always a chance for more.

Design and symbols

The design is just like you would expect, using fire everywhere, though the background image is actually a bit more abstract and using purple and orange flames on it. The symbols are all on fire though, and the main character is the attractive she-devil that makes the slot a lot more fun to play.


Symbols: Ruby Heart (scatter, 200x bet), Logo (wild), She Devil (2,000x), Red Lips (1,500x), Red 7 (1,250x), Playing Cards (1,000x), Red Roses (750x), Flaming Pitchfork (250x), Snake (200x), Scorpion (175x), Dice (150x) and Cherries (125x).

Is It Worth Playing?

Most devil themed slots seem to be a lot of fun to look at or play. Not exactly sure why that is, but I’d recommend you try out Red Hot Devil, you should have no problem enjoying it.

Red Hot Devil can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.