Reel Play Poker – Jacks or Better Slots

Reel-Play-Poker-Jacks-or-BetterReel Play Poker – Jacks or Better, would be a game that was created by Microgaming. It’s quite an unusual title to play, one where you have to actually play poker and form combinations of cards that exist in the real game as well. The title mentions the smallest possible win you can form, with two Jacks in it. The best possible payout is obviously the Royal Flush. Games that choose to do this, being themed around a card game, are very rare, so as a poker player I suggest you try it out if you’re also a fan.

You’re going to get 5 reels and 20 lines in Reel Play Poker, the game relying only on its poker combinations to make it fun, without regular features. The prizes will reach a value of 8,000 coins.

Features of Reel Play Poker – Jacks or Better

There are no real features to take advantage here, not like you would have in a normal slot machine.

To play the game, you click on Deal Spin and it starts. You get in the console area a decision hand, with 5 cards in it. You choose which ones you want to keep, and then you click on Draw Spin. The reels spin next, with the decision cards being used on the reels to which they correspond. The reels which correspond have a border around them, highlighting their presence.

If you create combinations of symbols, you get paid based on what the paytable mentions.

The best possible hand is a Royal Flush, which pays 8,000x, while the worst one that still brings a prize is a pair of Two Jacks or better.

Betting options and jackpots

Bets in Reel Play Poker have to cover all 20 paylines. The rewards, should you be able to get to them, will offer you anywhere between 10 and 8,000 coins. The best possible reward is for the combination which forms the Royal Flush. The lowest one is given for a pair of Jacks or something better than that.

Design and symbols

It’s not the kind of design that will amaze anyone. You just play poker on it, nothing else, so you have the options at the bottom, with the reels at the top. Simple white poker cards are used, with the cards of all four suits and going from 2 to Ace. The background is of a dark blue, and it’s just as lacking in attractiveness as the rest of the game you play here.


Symbols: Royal Flush (8,000 coins), Straight Flush (500 coins), Four of a Kind (250 coins), Full House (90 coins), Flush (60 coins), Straight (40 coins), Three of a kind (30 coins), Two Pair (20 coins) and Jacks or Better (10 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game is destined to be played by fans of poker, and it will probably appeal only to them. It’s not nearly as good looking as most slot machines.

You will find Reel Play Poker – Jacks or Better at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.