Samurai 7’s Slots

Samurai-7'sThe title of the game, Samurai 7s, doesn’t try to be subtle about it. The game’s theme involves plenty of 7 symbols, along with some ninja weapons. The samurai is visible next to the logo, which has three red 7s in it. It’s a Microgaming slot machine, and at the same time it’s a classic title which doesn’t offer you much in the way of features, plus it has a limited number of reels/lines.

You get as many lines as there are reels in Samurai 7s, 3 in each case. The top prize is the most impressive part, worth $30,000 in the best case scenario. As for the features, a wild is all you’re getting.

Features of Samurai 7’s

The red 7 symbol is the star of the game. It’s a very simple red 7, with some decorations included but with no connection to the samurai. This is both the symbol that is capable of giving away the top jackpot and the one to act as the wild feature.

What this means is that whenever you have wild 7 symbols appear, there is a chance that they will assist you with the formation of a new combo. By substituting for other symbols, the 7 can be part of combinations together with other wilds and/or matching regular symbols.

You can get a combo formed with one wild if the other two symbols are of the same type. Another way would be to get one regular symbol and two wilds, in which case both 7s will take the same role as the regular one.

Getting three wilds together, on any of the three lines, will result in a new combo. It will pay 1,500 to 6,000 coins, depending on which line got them.

Betting options and jackpots

The bets use 3 coins to activate 3 lines, so each active payline receives only one coin. The way to change the line bet is by using a different denomination for the coin, within the given range of $0.25 to $5. You can spend as much as $15 on a single round.

Getting three wilds on the first payline will bring you 1,500 coins, the second line will award 3,000 coins, while the third line gives out the most, 6,000 coins. The top jackpot from the third line is worth up to $30,000.

Design and symbols

The samurai theme has a lot of potential whenever it is used, but it’s up to the developer to make something out of it. You do see a well designed samurai in the background picture, right to the left of the logo, but on the reels there is no such thing. You have only classic icons and some samurai weapons, that’s it.

Symbols: Red 7 (wild, 6,000 coins), Ninja Shuriken (500 coins), Dragon Logo (300 coins), Red Three Bars (100 coins), Purple Two Bars (50 coins) and Yellow One Bar (25 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The martial arts inspired theme can be a lot of fun to look at, both in classic and modern slots. It works well enough here as well, but this is still a classic, so don’t expect too much from it.

The Samurai 7’s slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.