Secret Admirer Slots

Secret-AdmirerThe action in Secret Admirer seems to revolve around a love story of sorts, with the graphics relying on very pink colors, on red flowers, on jewelry and perfume bottles, among other things. It’s a game that celebrates love, the perfect slot to try out when you’re in love or when Valentines Day puts you in the mood for something romantic. It’s also one of the games created by Microgaming.

You don’t have to cover too many lines in Secret Admirer, since it only has 9 on the 5 reels. Free spins, scatter symbols and wilds are part of the list of features, with a huge $50,000 jackpot being the target the game promises.

Features of Secret Admirer

Wild symbols, scatters and free spins are the three features available in Secret Admirer. None of them are truly unusual, but the free spins do have a special way of getting you paid, using the scatter symbols to your advantage.

First, the wild feature, with the Carnival Mask symbol representing it. Since it’s a wild, it has the well known ability of taking the place of another symbol, as long as it’s in the right location on the reels. With the exception of the scatters, wilds can take the place of any other symbols. They also have the ability to form combinations directly, with only wilds taking part, as long as they’re arranged from left to right. 1 to 5 wild symbols will bring you payouts between 2x and 5,000x.

The Diamond Ring scatter is another big symbol in Secret Admirer. Its appearance on the reels matters when at least two are present, since that brings you a cash prize. It’s at 2x the bet for two symbols, but it goes up with each additional scatter, with 50x the bet being the maximum value. Unfortunately, scatter symbols still have to be on neighboring reels, from left to right, but at least their exact position on the reel is not relevant.

Free Games Feature

Triggering the free spins is a matter of getting the right number of scatter symbols. With 3+ scatters, you get access to this feature.

The scatter symbols which triggered the feature are held in place, and then you get three spins for free. Extra scatter symbols appearing will also be held, with the new prizes being awarded to you. You also get to restart the free spins feature if this happens. When you get all five scatters held, you win the maximum prize of 50x the bet, for a total of three times (150x the bet total prize).

Betting options and jackpots

With only 9 paylines available, the game still manages to make it expensive to use the maximum wager. Coins have denominations that go from $0.01 to $1, with up to 10 being used per line. The $10 line bets turn into maximum bets of $90.

Though the wild’s jackpot only gives you 5,000x back, it can mean up to $50,000 since the line bet can be rather expensive.

Design and symbols

It’s a very pink and red design, using flowers and jewelry. The red rose is used everywhere, present in some of the playing cards, in multiple symbols and all around the reels. The playing cards are going to annoy you, relatively simple and yellow, while the rest of the symbols look quite decent. Overall, it’s not a very manly slot, so I imagine girls will make up the majority of the players which give it a chance.


Symbols: Mask (wild, 5,000x), Diamond Ring (scatter, 50x wager), Secret Admirer Heart (2,500x), Eros Broach (2,500x), Heart Shaped Flowers (1,000x), Perfume (1,000x), Red Rose (500x), Ace (500x), King (250x), Queen (250x), Jack (150x), 10 (150x), 9 (150x), 8 (100x) and 7 (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a game which doesn’t appeal to everyone, the design being rather girlish, so I expect to see the ladies enjoy it a lot more than men would. It’s also rather expensive for the number of paylines which are offered.

Secret Admirer can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.