So Many Monsters Slots

So-Many-MonstersSo Many Monsters, while it includes said creatures on its reels, does not look like a game you would only want to play during Halloween. Instead, you get a collection of cute monsters that manage to entertain, rather than inspire fear. The design is very good when these creatures get involved, plus the features have an element which is quite rare, so overall I think you will find this a very cool slot.

It’s a very generous game, with payouts reaching values of $64,000, though the wager placed on its 25 lines tends to be rather expensive as well. The game has a feature called Many More Monsters, plus free games, a scatter symbol and a wild.

Features of So Many Monsters

You will discover the usual wild symbols, scatters and free spins, but there is also a feature where you get up to 5 symbols in a single one.


Many More Monsters is the feature which gives this slot its name. Each symbol can have between 1 and 5 monsters shown in it. The game takes into account all matching monsters from the same combo, so you can have as many as 25 symbols in a combination. A minimum of 6 monsters have to be part of a combo in order for you to get a prize. The monster symbols are the only ones that come like this, while the others are regular symbols.

The wild symbol has the Many Monsters Logo on it. You get a regular wild feature from it, the symbol being capable of substituting for others, taking their place whenever it appears as part of a combo. You need the other symbols to land in the right spot as well, matching regular icons which will determine what role the wild needs to take. The same wild can be useful on its own, if it manages to appear multiple times on the same line. 3 to 5 wilds bring you prizes as high as 7,500x.


The Eyeball is the game’s scatter feature. This symbol can appear anywhere in the game. As long as its appearance happens in at least two locations, you will get a prize, while for three or more you also get the free spins to start.

Free Games Feature

The slot gives you access to this feature whenever you manage to land 3 to 5 Eyeball scatters on the five reels. You will get to pick the number of free spins, each option bringing you different potential rewards.


If you choose the Red Monster, you get 8 spins for free and payouts of up to $320,000. With the Yellow Monster, there are 10 spins and payouts of up to $280,000. The Green Monster increases the number of spins to 12, while payouts drop to $240,000. The Purple Monster is next, with 14 spins and $200,000 prizes. Finally, we have the Blue Monster, with 16 spins and a top prize of $160,000.

Betting options and jackpots

You have 25 paylines that you can bet on, and they’re all selected, no option here to use only some of them. You get to use between 1 and 20 coins for each payline, while their value goes from $0.01 to $0.20. The $4 maximum line bet, when used, will determine the slot’s top wager to be worth $100.

Spending up to $100 per spin can bring you a top jackpot worth $64,000, though for that you will need to land five symbols with a total of 25 monsters in them.

Design and symbols

Whenever the monsters get involved, you’re going to find the design quite fun, as these little creatures are excellently handled, cute and funny, a pleasure to see them make appearances. However, you also get a large portion of playing cards, which are not especially themed. As for the background, it’s a rather bland wallpaper like image, with images of the monsters on it.


Symbols: Game Logo (7,500x, wild), Eyeball (scatter, 75x bet), Red Monster (16,000x), Yellow Monster (14,000x), Green Monster (12,000x), Purple Monster (10,000x), Blue Monster (8,000x), Ace (110x), King (75x), Queen (75x), Jack (55x) and Ten (55x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The monsters are cute and a pleasure to watch as they land on the reels and form combinations. Games which allows combos to form with up to 25 symbols aren’t that common, so I suggest you at least try it out and see how it works for you.

This So Many Monsters slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.