Starscape Slots

StarscapeMicrogaming has a lot of great slots to offer you, but if you love science fiction the choices are not as many. Starscape is one of their slot machines which give you exactly that, and even better, it gives you the kind of spaceships that you see in science fiction movies. The other slot machines with a similar theme will simply use some cute aliens and saucer shaped UFOs, so it’s very nice to see one that has a bit of a realistic feel to it.

It’s a slot machine which offers a 5 reel layout, with up to 25 active lines on them. The game has a bonus game, scatter symbols, multipliers and wilds, plus impressive top prizes of up to $70,000.

Features of Starscape

Starscape gives you only features that you expect to see in modern slot machines. It starts with the wild symbol, next on the list being the scattered Starship. The former has a multiplier which is applied, the latter offering a bonus game.

As it often happens, the wild symbol is represented in the game by the image of the game logo. Whenever you see this logo, know that it’s good news, as it can either help you create other combinations, or it can even create its own. Ideally, the wild lands going from left to the right, with two or more symbols. This would result in payouts of 10x to 7,000x, depending on just how many wilds were there. While used as a regular wild, it will double all payouts it is a part of, a 2x multiplier making sure that happens.

A very cool starship is used as the image of the scatter symbol. It’s the symbol I like best in this game, looking like a real spaceship should. Whenever you see these ships appear, they will try and award you a prize. As long as you have two or more on the reels, you’re going to get a prize, thanks to their ability to do their job even when scattered. The prizes start at only 2x the bet for two symbols, but go as high as 100x the bet when all five are there.

Bonus Game

The bonus game requires the presence of the same scattered Starships, but for this you need a minimum of three icons. A new screen loads up, where you see an image of a couple of planets, with asteroids nearby and some gorgeous constellations a bit farther away.


On the left side you will notice the paytable of the bonus game. The screen is split into 25 sub-sections, and you have to click on them and find various symbols. Once you match four identical blocks, the game ends and you get a prize which is mentioned on the paytable. It varies between 500 and 12,500 coins normally, but with the multiplier’s help it can go up to 37,500 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

You will find that the game gets expensive quickly, especially if you want to max out every line wager. Up to 25 active lines can be used, with individual line bets going up to $10. They get to that amount by using up to 10 coins of $1, though you can just as easily use $0.01 coins. The maximum wager is $250.

A 7,000x top payout is promised by Starscape, which for you means a prize of up to $70,000. The bonus game also offers good prizes, the largest amount possible being $37,500.

Design and symbols

As it should be in all science fiction inspired slots, the game has the Universe as its background. The star filled background looks decent, though they’re more like white dots on a dark blue background. The symbols are part special icons (one of them with the very cool starship), part planets and the rest are boring playing cards.


Symbols: Starscape Logo (7,000x, wild), Starship (100x the wager, scatter), Sun (1,000x), Green Planet (500x), Red Planet (250x), Comet (125x), Moon (100x), Ace (75x), King (50x), Queen (40x), Jack (30x), 10 (25x) and 9 (20x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a very good choice if you enjoy space and everything connected to it, including the sci fi genre. The prizes are quite good, though the wagers tend to be on the high side as well.

You will find Starscape at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.