Sweet Harvest Slots

Sweet-HarvestThe theme of Sweet Harvest is based on the actual harvesting season, as you would expect given the title. Showing people and the products that are the result of their hard work, the game manages to make it incredibly appealing. It does this with a wealth of details that are used everywhere in the design, from the cultivated fields placed behind the reels, to the farmers that have baskets with vegetables and legumes in their arms and the individual images of things like corn or pumpkins. Microgaming sure knows how to cover every possible niche, and this one is definitely a game that will be popular.

The game has an average number of lines, with 20 of them being available to the players. There are top payouts of $3,750 and as features a collection which includes free spins, bonus games, scatters, second chances and wilds.

Features of Sweet Harvest

The game makes it easy for the player to stick around, offering some very good features and symbols along the way. I’ll just mention the scatters with the free spins which have stacked wilds and multipliers, or the second chance feature and the regular base game wilds. A Harvest bonus game is also present.

The logo of Sweet Harvest will be often seen on the reels, taking the role of the wild in the game. As such, you can expect it to get involved in the formation of combinations if the position it lands in allows it to do that. Add to that the capability of forming combos directly, only with wilds, if the symbols happen to arrange themselves on a line. In that case, payouts of up to 2,000x are possible.

Harvest Bonus Game

The Harvest Basket symbol is one of the scatters that are used by this game. They appear on the reels 2 or 4, triggering the bonus game when one of them appears. The result here will be a bonus prize which is offered, with a randomly chosen value. This is a feature which the free spins can’t trigger.

Free Games Feature

The second scatter of Sweet Harvest is a lot more valuable. The symbol makes appearances on anywhere between two and five reels when it awards prizes, without caring about the exact position where it lands. That’s the great thing about the scatter symbols, they don’t have to form regular combinations. Prizes vary between 1x and 150x the bet.


Now, to trigger the free spins you need a minimum of three symbols with the scatter, which is the Barn. If you only have two symbols, then a second chance feature activates. The two reels with scatters will hold, while the other three will spin once for free, hopefully bringing you the scatter that was missing to get the free spins started.

You get 12 free spins when you have enough scattered Barns. The Farmer Girl and the Farmer Boy act as wilds for the duration and they can even show up stacked. If the two symbols are next to each other on a win line, there is a 2x multiplier which is applied to the value of the win.

Betting options and jackpots

You have the option to modify the number of available coins, up to 5 used on each line. Their denomination varies, being $0.01 at the minimum, with $0.25 being the maximum. What this gives you is a $1.25 maximum line bet, with $25 being the total for all 20 lines.

As for the prizes, they will put up to 15,000 coins in your pocket, with their cash value going as high as $3,750. The main prize comes from the scatter symbol.

Design and symbols

The autumn theme and the harvesting that takes place at the farm are designed very well, giving people that know how life on the farm can be like a certain longing after the good old days. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables in all the symbols, even the playing cards having some next to them. Behind the reels you will notice the cultivated fields and forests a bit further away. The features might be good, but they are not unique, so the main advantage of the game would be this design.


Symbols: Barn (150x bet, scatter), Sweet Harvest Logo (2,000x), Basket (bonus), Girl (1,000x), Young Man (800x), Farmer (750x), Pumpkins (500x), Corn (300x), Ace (150x), King (140x), Queen (130x), Jack (120x) and 10 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

There are plenty of good things to say about the features of the game, but the design remains my favorite in the case of Sweet Harvest. I’d recommend it to anyone that appreciates beauty, as well as a well thought out slot.

Sweet Harvest can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.