Triple Magic Slots

Triple-magicWhile Microgaming has a number of very special classic slots, Triple Magic isn’t one of them. It does have its own advantages, mainly in the feature section, but there is nothing special or different about it, as you will find out yourself in the review below. The game has a magic related theme, but it’s not very visible, with lightning being part of the game in a couple of places, but that’s about it.

A relatively simple classic slot, it has 3 reels with 1 line. As its feature, there is a wild symbol and its multiplier. Prizes offer $8,000, if you’re lucky.

Features of Triple Magic

The game relies on a single symbol with a special feature, a wild that also has multipliers to apply to the wins it contributes to.

The wild is the only themed symbol available, the one with the Blue Star. This symbol can create a combination formed only out of wilds, which means having three of them on the payline and getting payouts of 800 or 1,600 coins, depending on the wager placed.

The wild ability comes into play only when one or two wilds are on the line with the rest of it being occupied by matching regular icons. The presence of a single wild, next to two matching icons, will mean a combo forming with a payout worth double the amount mentioned on the paytable.

When two wilds are there, with a third icon being a regular one, you get four times the paytable prize, the multiplier of 4x being formed with the help of both symbols.

Betting options and jackpots

You can use 1 or 2 coins on the slot’s only payline. You pick what the denomination should be for them, the range being between $0.25 and $5. That’s a $10 maximum bet and it will offer you the best possible payouts.

The top jackpot gives you 1,600 coins, with the maximum value for them being $8,000, if the coin denomination was at $5 that round.

Design and symbols

The design is not impressive, far from it actually. There are lightning bolts behind the simple logo, which are supposedly part of the magic theme. The same lightning can be seen in the Blue Star symbol, the only one to be themed. The rest of the symbols are classic icons which you expect to see in pretty much all 3 reel slot machines.

Symbols: Blue Star (1,600 coins, wild), Red 7 (200 coins), Three Bar (100 coins), Two Bar (50 coins), Cherries (40 coins) and One Bar (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a simple slot machine, a classic like many others from Microgaming or from other developers. Give it a chance if you want, but it’s not different from others which have better designs.

This Triple Magic slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.