Wheel of Wealth Slots

Wheel-of-WealthMicrogaming offers us in Wheel of Wealth a classic slot machine, with a rather common theme, but with a set of features which should make it much more approachable. The game’s wheel of fortune theme is used in a number of other slot machines, some of them even from Microgaming.

You get 3 reels in Wheel of Wealth, occupied by 1 payline. Get the right symbols and you can take advantage of wilds or bonus games, plus some very good multipliers. Top payouts will go up to $5,000.

Features of Wheel of Wealth

The game’s list of features includes not only a wild symbol, but also a multiplier for it. A bonus symbol completes the list, triggering its own feature when it appears on the right reel.

You get the Wheel of Wealth Logo in the role of the wild, the symbol which you can count on to make this game profitable. It is capable of forming its own combinations, as long as you land the three matching symbols on the game’s only payline. It will pay up to 5,000 coins when this happens.

When a single wild contributes to a formation of a new combo, it will apply a multiplier of 2x. It needs the two other symbols to be of the same type, in order for the combo to form.

When two wilds are on the payline, the third position needs to be occupied by any of the regular symbols, and the combo which will form will use that third symbol as a guide. A multiplier of 4x will be used on the combo’s win.

Bonus Game

A bonus game is also offered, which is unusual and more than you can usually hope for from a classic slot which has both wilds and multipliers. The bonus feature starts with the help of the Spin Wheel symbol, which is needed on the 3rd reel. When it appears there, the Wheel of Wealth Bonus Game starts. You also need to use 3 coins in order to get access to the feature.


The new screen will put the Wheel of Wealth in front of you. You get to spin the wheel once, and you get from it a prize worth between 50 and 1,000 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

You can wager one to three coins in this game, and that’s the only customization you can do to the bet. The coins have fixed values, at $1, so the betting range for the slot is between $1 and $3.

The top payouts offered in Wheel of Wealth will put 5,000 coins in your pocket, provided that you used a three coin wager and got three wilds on the paylines. The cash value is fixed at $5,000.

Design and symbols

It’s not a bad looking game, despite not having a real theme that we can talk about. It’s just a classic slot with one Wheel Logo symbol and with fruits occupying the rest of the paytable. The reels are white, but bigger than in most slots from Microgaming, which can also be said about the instructions you get about the features. It’s a decent looking game overall, not something I’d walk away from because of the graphics.

Symbols: Wheel of Wealth Logo (5,000 coins, wild), Spin Logo (bonus), Red Three Bars (240 coins), Green Two Bars (120 coins), Yellow One Bar (30 coins) and Cherries (12 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, it’s a good game, with a design that is average but doesn’t detract from the features of the slot, which would be the main advantage it has.

You will find Wheel of Wealth at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.