Yggdrasil The Tree of Life Slots

Yggdrasil-The-Tree-of-LifeOffered on the Microgaming Quickfire platform, “Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life” will be the kind of game that you will pay attention to as soon as you see it. Its delicate design, which focuses on nature and on its beauty, does a great job at making itself liked. The nature theme is visible in the tree of life that is used to support the reels, in the various wild creatures that appear among its symbols, and in the image of the Universe which is shown in the background.

One thing to appreciate in this game is the system with 243 ways to win, arranged on 5 reels. Besides the All Pays system, you also have scatter symbols, bonus games and a wild. A $15,000 jackpot is also advertised inside.

Features of Yggdrasil The Tree of Life

The All Pays system would be one of the things that defines this game, along with the scatter symbols, the bonus games and the wild symbol.


All Pays is what the ways to win are called in the case of this slot machine. The game simply takes the matching symbols which are on neighboring reels, going from the leftmost one to the right, and forms combinations. It doesn’t care about paylines, all possibilities being covered by the 243 ways to win available in it.

The Warrior is the substitute, the wild symbol that can replace regular icons on the reels of Yggdrasil. Given the presence of the All Pays system, the wild is more useful than in a regular slot machine. You only need it on the right reel to get its help, and this happens more often than if it was needed on a certain payline.

Next, we have the scatter symbol, with its image that shows off the game logo, a round brown shield with the slot’s name on it. Payouts of up to 500x are on the line when enough of these scatters are present on the reels.

Yggdrasil Feature

Those scatter symbols are also your way to the bonus feature in this game. 3 or more of these symbols are required, before the bonus game can start. You advance in it, from the roots, to the trunk, and finally to the branches level.


You go through each level of the bonus game, advancing and picking from the 10 items shown at each stage. You can get coins, or you can reveal the Next message which moves you forward.


Once you get to the final level, to the branches, you can get either a prize or the Collect message which ends the bonus game.


Betting options and jackpots

Given the All Pays system with its ways to win, you get to bet on the equivalent of 25 lines. 25 to 250 coins are part of any bet in this game, while denominations reach a maximum of $1. This gives you a line bet of up to $10, and a total of $250.

The White Eagle will bring you the best possible reward, which is at 1,500x and is worth up to 15,000 coins, or $15,000.

Design and symbols

The design of the game is probably the most impressive thing about it. It looks great, even the poker cards which are so often present on its reels, but it’s not a very complex game and you shouldn’t expect too much from it. The graphics will make it a very pleasant slot machine to experience though, especially when you look at the stars in the background, or at the symbols with wild animals and birds on them.


Symbols: Yggdrasil Logo (scatter, 500x), Warrior With Axe (wild), White Eagle (1,500x), Dragon (1,000x), Squirrel (750x), Deer (500x), Ace (250x), King (150x), Queen (100x), Jack (100x), 10 (75x) and 9 (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

You will definitely enjoy the graphics of the game, the features are OK, but the prizes when compared with the required bets might make some shy away.

You will find Yggdrasil The Tree of Life at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.