Aliens Slots

AliensAliens is a bit disturbing to look at, but that just means that it stays true to its origins and it manages to be a great experience for anyone that has enjoyed the Alien franchise in the past. With multiple movies and video games built around the topic, Alien has proved that people enjoy the action and the scary part as well. In the movie Ripley took on the aliens on her ship, and that’s the same thing you have to do as you play this slot machine. You advance through the multiple levels, getting additional features and prizes at each step.

The 5 reels available in Aliens get up to 15 paylines, activated as the player sees fit. The $10,000 jackpot is accompanied by the various levels, with their multipliers, great action and features like free spins or wilds doing a lot to make its players smile and enjoy their time. The designer of this slot is Net Entertainment.

Features of Aliens

The three levels of Aliens are a big part of its charm, with features modified from one part of the game to the next, with wild symbols behaving differently, with activity meters that show you your progress, with multipliers and with a chance to attack the Queen and hopefully get a big prize out of it.

The symbol that you’re going to be most familiar with is the wild, a logo of the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo. While on the 1st level, you can get wild symbols on the reels 2 to 5. The second level gets them on any reel, at random. A wild’s role is to substitute and help you achieve the best possible combo on the active line that it is a part of.


Level 1: The Search

As you play Level 1, you try to fill up the activity meter, as that is what is needed to take you to level 2. You can fill up this meter by getting winning combinations, as all their symbols are used as signs of activity (the wilds are not used though). The multiplier also goes up by 1x, each time a winning combo is added.


Level 2: The Encounter

Once you’ve reached the 2nd level, you have to continue fighting through the attacks of the aliens, in your attempt to reach the Queen Hive. You use ammo clips as you do so, and hopefully you will not run out of them, as this will signal the end of level 2.

The multipliers that were collected during the previous level will be transferred to level 2, where certain symbols will be able to take advantage of them.

You will also get an Ammo Clip counter during this level, which goes down with each spin you use. New symbols with Ammo clips on them can appear on the reels, and each one will add to the counter, giving you more chances to reach level 3.


Level 3: The Hive

The only thing you have to worry about, once you get to the 3rd level, is the destruction of the Hive Queen. You will find the Hive Health Meter in this level, and as the health of the Queen declines, you will reach various milestones and get prizes out of them, going up to 3,600x if you drop it to zero.

You start the 3rd level with an Ammo Clip that has four rounds in it, so you get up to 5 re-spins. The damage that the Hive takes is done by the Grenade Strength, which has a random number assigned to it during each spin that you’re playing the third level. You’re either very lucky and you get a high grenade strength all the time, so you can finish the hive in as few spins as possible, or you don’t drop its health completely and you get a smaller prize.

The appearance of multiplier symbols in the middle reel’s centre will add to the damage that is done to the Hive Queen, multiplying it by up to 10x.


Betting options and jackpots

With 15 lines and with the bet level going up to 10, you get to use a maximum of 150 coins in Aliens. Their value goes from $0.01 to $1, so you can end up with a $150 wager for a single spin. You have to select all the lines as you play, so the minimum wager here is at $0.15.

Payouts of up to $10,000 can be won in the game if you go the usual way, getting it through a symbol combo. However, the slot can give you a bonus of up to 3,600x the line bet, or $36,000, if you manage to kill the Hive Queen.

Design and symbols

The design actually feels a bit like Alien, showing that it’s a true modern slot machine, with 3D graphics and animations, with all kinds of scary looking aliens that are actually very well designed. An alien planet is shown in the background, an inhospitable place that humans have no place in. The symbols shown in the game are usually either adult or baby aliens, both variants of the same alien being shown.

Symbols: Weyland Yutani Logo (wild), Red Adult Alien (1,000x), Yellow Adult Alien (500x), Green Adult Alien (300x), Teal Adult Alien (150x), Blue Adult Alien (100x), Red Baby Alien (70x), Yellow Baby Alien (60x), Green Baby Alien (50x), Teal Baby Alien (40x) and Blue Baby Alien (30x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Aliens proves itself to be a great themed slot, a title that no fan of the Alien franchise should miss. It has the right scary atmosphere, monsters that would be a nightmare to meet on the street, big enough prizes and plenty of features.

Alien, the Movie

The original Alien movie, the one that the entire franchise was built on, was released in 1979. It was a horror-science fiction film, the director being the now famous Ridley Scott, while its actors included Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt and a few others. In the movie, a very aggressive and dangerous alien gets onboard a spaceship and proceeds to start killing the members of the crew, one by one.

The Alien franchise included various other movies, released in 1986 (Aliens), 1992 (Alien 3) and 1997 (Alien: Resurrection). Other products based on it include slot machines, video games, toys, comic books and novels.

Aliens can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.