EggOMatic Slots

EggOMaticEggOMatic is a quirky slot from Net Ent, where the action revolves around a robotic chicken factory, which produces golden eggs. The poor chicken robots are not treated that well, and they look a bit ragged, but they’re doing their job and producing mountains of golden eggs for the owner. The location shown behind the reels is the factory where the chickens work. It’s not a theme that any other slot has managed to approach before, and I doubt anyone else will in the future. Tired of the same old Egyptian or Irish themed slot machine? EggOMatic is anything but predictable.

The 5 reels that are built inside the golden egg factory have a total of 20 paylines, with a 5×3 layout used and hosting 15 chicken symbols at a time. You can only win up to $10,000 in EggOMatic, but as you play it you will enjoy its features, especially the wild and the various bonus games triggered with its help.

Features of EggOMatic

The design isn’t the only thing special about this game. Its features tend to be quite different from the usual ones as well, though you still get your free spins, wild symbols and bonus games here, as you would in any other title from this developer.

First of all, we have the wild symbol, the image of the robotic Rooster being used for it, the one that’s exploiting all the smaller chickens and taking their golden eggs. As a wild, it will substitute and try to form the highest possible paying combo on any line that it is on. There is no guarantee that it will succeed, but it will sure try its best.


Spreading Wild Egg

A Spreading Wild is actually the same as a regular wild, which is transformed by the presence of a blue egg on the conveyor belt, if it’s right on top of the wild symbol. If that happens, the egg drops and hits the wild, which results in it turning the diagonal and adjacent symbols into wilds as well. Your chances of getting some good payouts out of that round increase considerably.


Free Spins Egg

Another possibility is that the conveyor belt has a Green egg on top of the reel where the Rooster is, in which case you get the free spins instead of the spreading wild. You can get between 7 and 50 free spins from this feature.


Coin Win Eggs

The third option is that the conveyor belt has a Coin Egg, with a cash amount mentioned on it. If it’s on top of the wild symbol’s reel, the Coin Egg awards you the prize mentioned on it, the values going from 50 to 2,500 coins.


Surprise Egg

Finally, the fourth type of egg that can appear on the conveyor belt is the Surprise Egg, with a question mark on it. It’s a random feature, chosen out of the three that I mentioned already (Coin Win, Free Spins or Spreading Wild).


Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 20 bet lines of EggOMatic will get at least one coin when the wagers are formed, with the upper limit set to 10. Coin denominations will start at $0.01 and will go up to $1, so line bets can reach $10. That means a total bet of $200, so only increase the line bet to that level if you can afford using that much money on all the paylines.

The slot’s best reward is only 1,000 times what the line received as a wager, or up to 10,000 coins. It’s just as much in real dollars, $10,000 being the most you can take home.

Design and symbols

The game is very well done, but since it’s about the exploitation of robotic chickens, it’s not the happiest slot you will ever see. There are various depressed robot chickens on the reels, the only one being happy being the Rooster that is the supervisor. The EggOMatic machine is on the right side, spitting out various bonus eggs that give you features when they are on top of a reel occupied by a wild.


Symbols: Rooster Wild (wild), Red Rooster (1,000x), Hen (700x), Smart Chick (500x), Water Chick (400x), Ugly Chick (300x), Red Chick (75x), Pink Chick (60x), Green Chick (60x), Blue Chick (50x) and Tan Chick (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

This is the type of game you should go after when you’re bored of everything else you can find out there. This is not your typical slot machine and it shows it in every feature it has to offer and in its design and choice of theme.

The EggOMatic slot machine is offered through the Net Entertainment platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.