Elements – The Awakening Slots

Elements-The-AwakeningIn Elements – The Awakening, Net Entertainment has created a modern slot machine, where the Earth’s four elements are the heroes and the ones that appear on the reels. These are nature’s representatives, the ones that have appeared in countless fantasy stories, the ones that usually involve them on either the side of good or evil. There isn’t a lot behind the story of the game, it’s mostly about the great animations and interesting elemental characters.

With wild symbols, free games, Avalanches and various free falls modes where each has its own special wild, the game feels like a title that tries to innovate and wants to remain interesting for as long as possible. It has 5 reels with 20 paylines and payouts of $7,500 at the highest value.

Features of Elements – The Awakening

The game’s wild symbol is accompanied here by free falls (spins), avalanches and various meters that take into account the stage you’re in. Elements – The Awakening doesn’t seem to take its players for granted. It makes sure that you’re going to find something new and exciting inside, not just another tired old game.


The Avalanche is a feature that quite a few modern games offer these days, though not always under this name. It involves the disappearance of the symbols that are part of winning combinations, so that new ones can come take their place, which can sometimes result in additional paying combinations that don’t require a new wager.

As you’re playing the base game, you’re going to discover that a wild symbol is present and making appearances from time to time. It takes the shape of a cube, capable of substituting for all the symbols, but appearing only on four reels out of five (2 to 5).

The Avalanche Meter is present in the base game and it will go up by one point after each spin that has a winning combo in it. Up to four Avalanches can be counted this way and represented in the Meter.


An Energy Meter is also available, with the four elements represented in it. You find out by looking at it which of the elements is in the lead. Depending on the element shown, the kind of free falls you get will vary, in case this feature is activated. In order to fill up this meter, you need winning combinations. The element present in the winning combo will determine in which of the four areas of the meter the energy will go. The Energy meter is empty at the start of each round.


Free Falls Mode

In order to activate the free falls, the equivalent of the free spins, you need a minimum of four Avalanches to appear, in consecutive order. By taking into account what the Energy Meter indicates, you find out what kind of free falls you get, but you always receive 10 of them. The four modes you can play the free falls in belong either to Earth, Water, Air or Fire.


Fire Storm Wild – present in the Fire Storm mode, this wild appears on the reels 2, 3 and 4. It also has the ability to expand, in which case it can go on the 1st and 5th reels as well. As it expands, it transforms two adjacent symbols into wilds.


Air Storm Wild – offered in the Air Storm mode, where two of these special wilds appear at random in the game, this wild will remain in the game for the duration of the free falls. Its position will not be fixed though, as it will move at random to different locations on the reels.


Earth Storm Wild – available in Earth Storm mode, this wild is reserved for the middle three columns. They are sticky wilds, which stay in place until they either are part of three Avalanches, are part of 1+ winning lines or until no more wins are registered.


Water Storm Wild – the last type of wild offered during free falls, it is available in Water Storm mode, for the middle three reels. This symbol expands when it appears, so you get an entire column to be wild.


Betting options and jackpots

You can get away with bets as low as $0.20, or you can end up with up to $100 per round. The amount you choose will determine how much you win from each combo. The wagers are composed of 20 to 200 coins, 1 to 10 used for each payline. Denominations vary between $0.01 and $0.50.

The top jackpot is awarded for a five symbol combo with the Fire Elemental in it, which will reward you with 1,500x the amount you used for one payline. That means 15,000 coins, or as much as $7,500 cash.

Design and symbols

The symbols of the game are special icons, elemental creatures or pieces that seem taken out of them. There are four types of elements, all of them looking like powerful and weird beings that you don’t want to cross. They all hover in mid air, there doesn’t seem to be a regular set of reels to support them, with the background image being that of a mountain range, with a volcano a bit farther out and with a lake in the immediate vicinity.

Symbols: Elements Cube (wild), Fire Element (1,500x), Earth Element (750x), Air Element (500x), Water Element (300x), Fire Component (100x), Earth Component (75x), Air Component (50x) and Water Component (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s your usual Net Entertainment design, so it feels like a different kind of slot machine. It’s perfect for a player that is bored with the average slot machine, and which wants a new challenge.

Elements – The Awakening can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.