Evolution Slots

EvolutionEvolution gives you exactly what it promises, a look at the evolution of life, done through a modern design, with gorgeous symbols and disturbing creatures that have no place in modern times. The reels seem to be submerged underwater, but the creatures that appear on them aren’t necessarily amphibians. Net Entertainment has managed to offer once again a high quality title, which should be fun to experience for most people, but especially for those that love science and the things it brought us.

The 5 reels available in Evolution will include a maximum of 25 paylines. The top payout reaches $2,500, a rather low value, but it is accompanied by free spins, scatters and wilds, so at least you’re going to have fun playing it.

Features of Evolution

The Evolution feature is one of the parts of the game I’m sure you will enjoy, along with the free spins and the wild.

The wild symbol is the easiest and more basic feature of the lot. It’s a bubble with WILD written inside, which doesn’t give you anything other than the basic substitution power that it’s well known for. It is also reserved only for the last four reels of Evolution, so it’s not as useful as it is in other games.


The Free Spins symbol is the scatter of the game, capable of appearing anywhere on the reels and which awards prizes based on how many are in position. A minimum of two will get you a prize of some kind, with additional symbols increasing the payout. It takes into account the triggering bet, which it multiplies by 2x to 100x in its prize.

Free Spins

The Free Spins symbol is the one that gets you this feature, as it’s normal, with 3 to 5 scattered symbols being required to get you the 10 to 20 spins.


Evolution Feature

You can get this feature started when you have a winning combo in one of the free spins. It gives you the chance to climb up on the symbol scale, with the evolution of the symbols to a higher life form giving you a chance at bigger prizes.

After a winning combo during free spins, the symbols that are a part of it, plus all the other matching symbols present at that time, will advance to the next level of their evolution.


Betting options and jackpots

It’s not a cheap game to play, at least not as cheap as you might imagine when you see its maximum jackpot. It allows for up to $125 to be wagered per spin, where the 25 lines get up to 10 coins that have denominations of $0.50. You can reduce the number of coins if you want to, just like you can change the denomination to as little as $0.01.

The biggest reward offered by a regular combo in the game is worth 500x, or up to 5,000 coins. Cash wise, this translates in to $2,500.

Design and symbols

The location for the slot’s action seems to be in the primordial ooze from which the first organisms have evolved. You get the basic life forms and their advanced versions as well, all on the same reels. Some of the advanced life forms are terrifying, others are cute. In each case, they look like mixes of different types of animals, none of them surviving in that shape up to this point.


Symbols: Wild Bubble (wild), Free Spin (scatter, 100x triggering bet), Draconius Rex (500x), Basilisk Pluma (250x), Basilisk Hairicus (200x), Bestia Dentum (175x), Albus Slugus (150x), Crustacio Springum (100x), Jellocus Squidae (80x), Jellocus Finnum (60x), Blobulus Astrum (50x) and Primo Blobulus (40x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a great slot machine for the science geek, which is not something you can usually say about a slot machine, even the ones that do focus on something that is science related. I haven’t seen a slot cover evolution before, so this should be a good game to play. Payouts are not that great, but it makes up for it with features.

The Evolution slot machine is offered through the Net Entertainment platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.