Fisticuffs Slots

FisticuffsFisticuffs is a typical Net Entertainment slot, meaning that they’ve taken a theme that other developers have tried, and they’ve made a game that is a lot better than the competition managed. In this case, we’re getting a boxing themed slot. Once again, it doesn’t look like a modern theme, they chose to go a bit retro in it, but that’s a huge bonus in its favor as far as I’m concerned.

Fisticuffs is a Net Entertainment 5 reel slot, with 10 paylines and a $5,000 jackpot. It has multiple types of wilds (regular, diagonal, straight) and a boxing feature, so it doesn’t rely on different kinds of features, instead diversifying only one of them and making the most out of it.

Features of Fisticuffs

The two boxers act as straight and diagonal wilds, interacting as they appear next to each other. You get a third wild symbol on top of that, plus a special boxing feature.

The usual wild has the word “Wild” written on a red background with golden stars all around it. It can substitute for any other symbol, like in every other game. It can even substitute for the other wild symbols, so it doesn’t have any limits in this game.


The Straight Wild is the heavyset boxer, reserved for the 3rd reel only and capable of substituting for all the other symbols that try to form their own combinations. The second role of the Straight Wild is to interact with the Diagonal wild, when it appears in a straight line (on the same row) next to it. If that happens, Straight Wild gives Diagonal wild a punch, moving it to the 1st or 5th reels, with the symbols found in-between transforming into regular wilds.


The Diagonal Wild gets the thinner boxer, the guy with the moustache. It appears on two reels, 2nd and 4th. When the Diagonal Wild appears in a diagonal position next to a Straight Wild, it will give the other guy a punch. The result will be that another symbol found in the vicinity of the Diagonal Wild will be turned into a regular wild symbol.


Boxing Feature

You will get this feature to activate whenever the two special wilds (Straight and Diagonal) appear next to each other, either in diagonal or horizontal mode. Other symbols turn into wilds with the help of the boxing feature, the exact ones which do this depending on the boxer that is throwing the punch. You also get one re-spin for free, so you can take advantage of the new wild symbols.

These re-spins can give you the regular wilds with an extra role, appearing stacked on the 1st and 5th reels.


Betting options and jackpots

You start with the coin denomination, ranging from $0.01 to $1. You can then decide on how many you want per line, a maximum of 10 being available. With 10 paylines total, you have a 100 coins maximum wager, valued at up to $100. Since you also have the Win Bot Ways feature, you double your wager, to $200. 20 coins is the smallest bet allowed in the game.

Up to 500x the line bet can be won from the best combo, with $5,000 being the highest prize. You can form combinations starting both from the right and the left, so you should get paid quite often, even if it’s not a huge amount usually.

Design and symbols

The vintage boxing theme used in Fisticuffs looks gorgeous, with various boxers and objects part of it that are designed in typical Net Ent fashion. Despite the retro style, this is a modern game and the quality of the images proves it. The action takes place on reels that are placed inside the boxing ring, with spectators waiting patiently on the sides for the match to begin.

Symbols: Wild (wild), Straight Wild (wild), Diagonal Wild (wild), Golden Belt (500x), Gold Trophy (250x), Boxing Gloves (150x), Bell (60x), Ring Stool (60x), Boots (50x) and Spit Bucket (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It might sound like a game where you have to be a fan of boxing or martial arts to be able to appreciate it, but it’s actually the kind of slot that everyone can try out. Its system of wilds is very interesting and the experience is different enough from your usual slot machine.

Fisticuffs can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.