Go Bananas Slots

Go-BananasGo Bananas is a monkey and tribal themed slot machine, with the action clearly taking place in Africa, the place where you can actually find most of the monkeys that are used on the five reels. With gems, tribal themed fruits, idols, bongos and all sorts of other African themed images, Go Bananas remains a game about monkeys more than anything else, as many of the items have some sort of monkey image built into them. It’s a fun game, as it seems that developers did their job well with this game. Net Entertainment is the developer behind it, so the quality shouldn’t come as a surprise.

On the 5 reels that Go Bananas has to offer, you’re going to discover only wild symbols among its features, while your bets will be placed on its 20 paylines. They can result in up to $7,000 worth of prizes from a single combo.

Features of Go Bananas

When I tell you that this game has only wild symbols as features, you might expect a rather basic game, but it’s actually quite complex. All the monkey symbols turn into wilds here, five of them total. In each case, the wild symbol will turn other symbols into wilds as well, when they do appear.


The Wild Monkeys are five total and each one has a pattern in which it forms wilds when it appears. For example, the Wild Orangutan will get you four wild symbols at the same time, arranged in a square pattern. Even better it would be to get the Wild Gorilla, as the reward is a star shaped pattern of wilds, with five of them in it.

The other three Monkey Wilds include the Wild Baboon, with three wilds offered in a vertical bar pattern, the Wild Langur, with a three wild horizontal line and the Wild Tarsier, with either a vertical or horizontal line with two wilds in it.


Betting options and jackpots

It’s slightly more expensive to play at the highest settings than other slots from this developer, reaching $200 for a single spin. The wagers go from 20 to 200 coins, always activating all the paylines. Your choice consists in the number of coins per line (1 to 10) and their denomination (0.01 to $1).

The Ruby symbol will be the one to reward you with the best prizes of Go Bananas, 700 times what the line wager received that round. It means up to $7,000 or 7,000 coins.

Design and symbols

Though it’s about monkeys, you don’t actually see them at the end of the round, as whatever monkey shows up on the reels will turn into wild symbols. The rest of the images used for its symbols include idols, fruits that have tribal motifs on them, gems and other things that Africa has in abundance. The reels are on a stage of some kind, made out of wood and tied with vines, presumable the place where the monkey band will come and perform.

Symbols: Wild Gorilla (wild), Wild Orangutan (wild), Wild Baboon (wild), Wild Langur (wild), Wild Tarsier (wild), Ruby (700x), Monkey Idol (350x), Monkey Money Clip (250x), African Drums (180x), Ice Cream (140x), Orange (70x), Pineapple (60x), Coconut (50x), Lime (40x) and Plum (30x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Go Bananas brings with it the kind of party atmosphere and the beautiful design that Net Ent offers so often, so it’s a title I would recommend if you’re a fan of their creations. It’s not going to impress you with its top jackpot, but its use of five different monkey wilds might do that.

You will find Go Bananas at any online casino which chooses to use software from Net Entertainment, playable either for free or for real money.