Gold Rush Slots

Gold-RushOne of the few classic slot machines that Net Entertainment offers, Gold Rush is themed around gold as well, but it’s mostly about the classic symbols, as these make up the majority of the symbols found on its reels. It’s one of the more elegant classic slots I’ve ever seen, with dark red wood and white painted metal incorporated into it. It looks like a game that will make you rich, not like the product of a talentless child, the way so many other classic slots seem to be. I was excited to play it the moment I saw it, and I suggest you take a look at it as well.

As this is a classic, you already know how many reels it has, 3 of them being available. There is only 1 payline on them, so you have only one chance to win the $960 prize or the progressive jackpot that the slot offers. As for the features, there are none inside.

Features of Gold Rush

Predictably enough, Gold Rush doesn’t have any features to give you. It is a true classic slot machine, even if it looks better than the classics ever did. That means a complete lack of features of any kind, unless you can call a progressive jackpot a feature. All you can do in this slot is spin the reels and hope the combinations will get you paid.

Betting options and jackpots

The use of only one payline simplifies betting considerably, but you still are allowed to select multiple coins for the wager. Your bet will use 1 to 3 coins, with $0.20 fixed denominations, the total being in the range of $0.20 to $0.60.

It’s a penny slot that can reward you with a progressive jackpot, or as an alternative you might win its own $960 prize. The progressive jackpot is offered for using 3 coins and getting a payline with three Gold Logos. Getting that same combo, but with a 2 coin bet, will offer you the second best prize, worth 4,800 coins ($960).

Design and symbols

As far as I’m concerned, the design is the second best reason to play this game, after the progressive jackpot of course. If you’re used to classic slot machines by now, and you’re resigned to playing only games that look average at best, Gold Rush will blow your mind. It’s got the kind of appeal that an Apple product has these days, only this slot is built with a 50s theme in mind. It’s designed to look like a slot on a casino floor, so you can see rows of other slots in its vicinity.

Symbols: Gold Logo (progressive jackpot), Cherries (600 coins), Red 7 (120 coins), 5 Logo (60 coins) and Gold Cart (24 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Unless you really dislike games that have no features, Gold Rush should be a game you give a serious chance. It might have only 1 payline, but for only $0.60 (its maximum bet), you can win a progressive jackpot from it.

This Gold Rush slot is offered by all online casinos with Net Entertainment software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.