Icy Wonders Slots

Icy-WondersIcy Wonders is your typical South/North Pole themed slot machine, mixing them both in the symbols that appear, as you get both penguins (South Pole) and polar bears or sleigh dogs (North Pole). Ice isn’t just in the name of the slot, it’s also all around it, with an iceberg in the background, with playing cards frozen in ice and with snow around all the main characters. It’s not a game to try out if you’re tired of winter, but if you want to be an explorer, to see the most inaccessible regions of our planet, Icy Wonders will give you a taste of what you might see. Who knows, maybe the slot’s jackpot will allow you to take a cruise to one of these regions.

The 5 icy and inhospitable reels of Icy Wonders get up to 30 paylines on them. They can help you win a progressive jackpot, or the slot’s own $15,000 prize. The features part is covered with the help of the wild symbols, a bonus game, free games, multipliers and a scatter.

Features of Icy Wonders

There are bonus games inside, along with a combo of scatters/free spins that benefits from multipliers and a wild symbol. It’s a long enough list to satisfy most players.

First of all, we have the usual wild symbol, with a dolphin being used to represent it. As you would expect from any decent wild, it can appear on all the reels and it can substitute for all the regular symbols. It will not work out when the bonus, jackpot or scatter symbols are involved, but then again this is normal for a wild. Its own prizes are among the best the game has to offer, not counting the progressive jackpots, and you can expect up to 7,500x the line wager when the maximum number of wilds takes over an entire line.

The Eskimo Girl gets the second best role of Icy Wonders. Used as a scatter, she will be a profitable apparition, as long as it shows up a minimum of two times on the reels. The prizes she offers start at just 2x the value of the bet, but with five of them on the reels they go up to 400x the bet.

Free Games Feature

With the same Eskimo Girl on the reels, this time a minimum of three times, you receive 10 to 30 free spins. The more scattered Girls there are, the bigger the number of free spins. The multiplier is always at 2x though, so the regular prizes all are worth twice as much. Unfortunately, the progressive jackpot doesn’t get the same treatment.


Bonus Game

You also get the usual bonus game, the Penguin symbol triggering it when 3+ icons of this type form a combination on an active line. The bonus game gives you a new screen, where a dozen penguins are displayed, each one dressed differently. You use the mouse to choose penguins and they will reveal either a fish or a fish skeleton. If the fish is intact, you get a prize from that penguin.


Betting options and jackpots

A bet in Icy Wonders covers up to 30 paylines, with line bets that reach $2, allowing for maximum bets of $60 for a single spin. The individual line bets use between 1 and 4 coins, their value being $0.01 to $0.50.

Payouts will go up to $15,000 (7,500x the line bet), meaning 30,000 coins at top value. The progressive jackpots are the ones that are preferable though, especially the Mega Wonder Jackpot. The Wonder Jackpot is valuable as well, but it’s clearly in second place. You can win these jackpots with combinations of five gold stars (Mega Wonder) or four gold stars (Wonder).

Design and symbols

There is quite a bit of ice in this game, but that’s to be expected for a slot machine called Icy Wonders. It doesn’t detract from the game, having so much ice in its design, on the contrary, it’s fun to look at. The symbols are all themed around ice or around the creatures that live in the colder regions of our planet.

Symbols: Gold Star (progressive jackpot), Dolphin (wild, 7,500x), Penguin (bonus), Eskimo Girl (scatter, 400x triggering wager), Polar Bear (1,000x), Sleigh Dog (500x), Walrus (250x), Igloo (125x), Ace (125x), King (100x), Queen (100x) and Jack (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The ice themed design will not be that appealing to a lot of people, but if you consider it a chance to do some exploring instead of taking your vacation at the North Pole, I’m sure you will change your mind. Its progressive jackpots, features and design certainly try their hardest to help you like it.

Icy Wonders can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.