Lucky 8 – Line Slots

Lucky-8-LineA game with a classic heritage, Lucky 8 refers to the number of paylines it offers. It takes the form of a classic slot with 3 reels (though it behaves like it has 9), which is found inside some kind of lounge at a casino. It’s not an impressive sight, far from it, especially when you look at some of the other titles in this category that Net Entertainment offers. They typically look much better, even the ones that are classics.

Though it presents itself as a 3 reel game, there are 9 reels total in Lucky 8 – Line, with the 8 paylines being arranged both horizontally and vertically on them. There are no features inside, so it’s a very simple game to play, with prizes reaching $1,600.

Features of Lucky 8 – Line

You will not get any kind of features out of Lucky 8. This is a game that sticks to its classic roots, offering no features at all to its players.

It seems to have 3 reels at first glance, but look closer to how the individual symbols are spinning, and you will discover that it’s actually a 9 reel title. The result is a bit of a hybrid, but I’d still classify it as a classic slot machine.

Betting options and jackpots

You get 8 paylines, with the option to select up to 8 coins for each one, for a total of 64 coins. These coins have one of two values, either $0.10 or $0.20. With all the coins in use, at the highest denomination, the bet is valued at $12.80.

Getting all 9 symbols with the Red 7 on them will provide you with the best payout this slot has to offer, about 1,000 times what the line bet was. The 8,000 coins that can result from this prize will only have a value of $1,600. Regular combinations of three symbols will pay 200x at most, so 1,600 coins/$320.

Design and symbols

There isn’t much of a theme to hang on to in this slot. It’s about luck apparently, but all its symbols are classics, with bar symbols, fruit or sevens among them. The background is a dark blue, the same color being used in various shades in the logo area. The betting options take the form of classic slot buttons, while the outside area shows us a casino floor, or some other very nicely decorated room.

Symbols (regular combinations): Red 7 (200x), Triple Bar (100x), Double Bar (50x), Single Bar (30x), Melon (20x), Golden Bell (18x), Plum (14x), Orange (10x), Cherries (10x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a decent game that you can choose if you want to play only classic slot machines, but you’re no longer satisfied with the flavorless titles that are usually available in this category. However, I would still recommend you go with a modern title if you’re in search for better features.

This Lucky 8 – Line slot is offered by all online casinos with Net Entertainment software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.