Reel Rush Slots

Reel-RushReel Rush is one of those slots where developers aimed mostly to bring something new to the market. Though it incorporates ways to win, it doesn’t immediately give you access to all of them. It’s got a large 5×5 layout, so there are a lot of symbols on the screen when all the ways to win are activated. The symbols are square shaped fruits and round candy. It resembles a game of Mario, with the tall square shaped plants in the background appearing to be perfect jumping platforms.

This is definitely not your usual slot machine, as Net Entertainment decided to implement a system with up to 1875 ways to win on its 5 reels, which go up to 3125 ways to win during the free spins. There are re-spins and wild symbols as well, with the prizes getting you up to $2,000.

Features of Reel Rush

In case the ways to win weren’t enough, the slot also has wild symbols and free games for its players. It’s exactly the kind of game you want to try if you’re bored with 99% of the slots already on the market.

The wild symbol is offered both for the base game and the free spins. In both cases, it can only appear on the last four reels. It substitutes for all the other symbols, no exceptions. It doesn’t multiply prizes and it doesn’t offer them directly either.


First of all, we have the Ways to Win system. The regular game uses 135 ways to win, with only certain parts of the game area being active. When you get a winning combination, a re-spin is activated for free, hopefully giving you another winning combo. Each winning combo that you get triggers yet another re-spin, with more ways to win active each time. You can get up to 5 re-spins for free this way, with the help of consecutive wins. The ways to win start at 135 for the first re-spin, then go to 405 during the second one, to 675, 1,125 and then to 1,875 ways to win.


Free Games

If you still get a winning combo even after the fifth re-spin, you get into the free spins mode. At that point, you get the full 3,125 ways to win, so you have every chance to trigger a winning combo during each round. A total of 8 free spins are awarded.


Betting options and jackpots

The ways to win system will always require a fixed number of coins, or a multiple of that number, to trigger all the chances to win that exist. In this case, they need 50 coins at all times, or multiples of that number. The most you can wager is 500 coins, which have a total value of $100. Denominations range from $0.01 to $0.20. The smallest wager allowed is $0.50.

The jackpot should be worth about 1,000x the line bet, so up to 10,000 coins. It means only $2,000, which is very little, but it’s understandable when there are so many potential ways to win active.

Design and symbols

The game doesn’t have a very clear theme. You see the nature inspired background image, with square shaped forms for the trees, with huge toadstools and clouds that have square shapes as well. Then, you look at the symbols and you see mostly fruits that are square shaped and candy that are round. The design is interesting, definitely not ugly, plus the attraction is mostly in the way the slot is played, not on what it tries to show you.

Symbols: Wild Star (wild), Strawberry (1,000x), Pineapple (500x), Lemon (250x), Watermelon (200x), Grapes (150x), Plum (100x), Strawberry Drop (50x), Pineapple Drop (50x), Lemon Drop (50x), Watermelon Drop (50x) and Grape Drop (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s definitely worth playing, if nothing else than because it’s a game that is so different from most of the titles found today on the market. Even the other ways to win titles are played a bit differently, and they tend to have fewer ways to win.

Reel Rush can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.