Reel Steal Slots

Reel-StealReel Steal will give you a gorgeous slot machine themed around a robbery. It follows a band of thieves that seem to be after the riches of a crime boss that has so much that he uses dollar bills to light up his cigars. You’re going to meet all four members of the team, from the leader, to the girl, the driver and the explosives expert, the design style reminding me of the way Grand Theft Auto games present their characters. It’s all tastefully done, in typical Net Entertainment fashion, so even though it’s not an original theme choice, it will at least be a quality product.

You will discover 5 reels in this game, host to up to 9 paylines and capable of forming combinations that award up to $37,500 in prizes. On the feature front, you’re going to get hit with free spins, multipliers of up to 25x, wilds and scatters.

Features of Reel Steal

There are basically only two major features in the game, a scatter and a wild, but they can be a source of great happiness for any player, with free spins and multipliers of up to 25x being possible when you combine them.

The first one would be the getaway car, a yellow muscle car with white stripes, selected for the role of the wild symbol. The way wilds are used is mostly as Jokers of sorts, the symbols that can replace others when you’re trying to form a hand in cards or a combo in slots. They take the place of that symbol, and a new combo is formed. The symbol still needs to appear in the right position to be able to act as the substitute, but it will happen often enough. The huge advantage that the wild symbol has in this case is its ability to also give you five times more money from the same combo, as long as it had a hand in its creation.


The bomb made out of dynamite sticks will get you the cash prizes and the free spins, while appearing as a scatter on the reels. With the role of the scatter, you can expect for the symbols to give you their rewards no matter where they show up, as long as they are present a certain number of times at the same time. 2+ Bombs will get you prizes, up to 100x the triggering bet.

Free Games Feature

In addition to the cash prizes, the Bomb scatter will reward you with free spins as well. When you have 3 to 5 scattered symbols, you get 15, 20 or 25 free spins. They have 5x multipliers for the regular combinations and 25x multipliers for the ones that have at least one wild symbol in them.

You can trigger the free spins again, with the help of additional scatter symbols. Each scattered Bomb you get will result in one additional free spin.

Betting options and jackpots

All that money that appears in one form or another among the symbols doesn’t go to waste and you don’t need to invest that much to get it. The wagers will reach $45, but that’s the highest bet and it’s a below average amount for what prizes await for you. The lines get $5 bets each, with up to 10 coins of $0.50 chosen for each one.

As for the reward, the symbol with the leader will give you up to 1,500x the line bet, or $7,500. If the wild symbol gets involved, with its 5x multiplier, this goes up to $37,500. With the free spins involved as well, there is a second 5x multiplier that also applies, so you get a chance at a $187,500 top prize.

Design and symbols

The design is entirely themed around bank robberies, with bullets and building plans visible in the background area, while the symbols that aren’t character related have blueprints of their own barely visible behind them. There is also the matter of the symbols and what they represent, as they’re all related to the topic. Net Ent hasn’t used playing cards here, something that I’m grateful for.

Symbols: Muscle Car (wild), Dynamite (scatter, 100x the bet), Gang Leader (1,500x), Sexy Girl (1,000x), Crime Boss (750x), Driver (400x), Explosives Specialist (200x), Open Safe (100x), Diamond (75x), Bag of money (60x), Camera and plans (50x) and Handgun (40x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not only one of the better looking robbery themed slots, it’s also one of the most profitable, or at least it has the potential to be that way. It might not be easy to get both the free spins and the wild at the same time as you get the best paying combo, but there is a chance, and the result can be magnificent.

This Reel Steal slot is offered by all online casinos with Net Entertainment software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.