Tornado – Farm Escape Slots

Tornado-Farm-EscapeTornado – Farm Escape seems to be about a group of farm animals that manage to escape with the help of a powerful tornado. It comes in, picks up everything, from animals, to birds, boots and radios, then takes them all away. The view is one from above, with the clouds of the storm framing the picture and with the center being occupied by the reels and the animals that were picked up. It’s not just unusual though, it’s also quite fun to look at and play on it, a typical reaction when you’re dealing with a slot machine designed by Net Entertainment.

This unusually themed slot machine gets 5 reels with 20 bet lines. There are some unusual features inside, like the wild symbol or the Tornado and Storm bonus features, but you will also discover a $7,000 top jackpot.

Features of Tornado-Farm Escape

As far as regular features are concerned, you only get a wild symbol here, but the presence of the Tornado and the Storm features insures that you will find plenty of things to do.

To start with, we have the wild symbol. The TV set gets that role, allowing it to substitute for all regular icons, exceptions being the ones marked Hot or Cold. They try their best to help you form combinations, but they also have other uses, as they can be generated or collected during the other two major features (Tornado and Storm).

Tornado Feature

There are two different symbols that contribute to this feature being triggered. One of them is with a cloud and a red arrow, the other cloud getting the blue arrow. When the 1st reel gets the Hot symbol (red arrow), while the 5th reel gets the Cold symbol (blue arrow), the result will be a Tornado.

For the duration of the Tornado feature, the symbol that is on the middle position on the 3rd reel will be considered active and it will be collected by the Tornado. The wild symbols will also be collected by this feature and will act as the active symbol for the duration. The Tornado will collect all the symbols of the type that was active at the beginning, plus the wild symbols. When you get a spin that doesn’t have a wild or an active symbol in it, the feature ends. You get paid after that, based on the number of collected symbols.


The Tornado feature has its own paytable, which tells you what each symbol is worth to you. For example, the best possible prize is offered when you collect 8 or more Wild TV sets, which will reward you with 4,500x the line bet. The next best prize is offered for 15+ Cow or Horse symbols, which only offer you 1,200x.

Storm Feature

The second major bonus game is called Storm. It doesn’t have a specific trigger, instead starting up at random. When it does begin, the Storm will turn other random symbols into wilds, until it moves out of the reel area.


Betting options and jackpots

It’s one of those games that can be very expensive if you allow it, the maximum bet reaching a $200 value. There are 20 lines, you already know that, but you should also know that you can bet up to $10 for each one, using 10 coins at $1 each. The option to reduce the wager significantly is there, either by changing the denomination to as little as $0.01, or by using fewer coins. You always have to bet at least one coin on all the lines though, so the smallest wager is worth $0.20.

You can win 700x the line bet in the base game, so up to $7,000. However, the Tornado feature will give you up to 4,500x, or $45,000, but the chances are a lot smaller that you will get that one.

Design and symbols

The action on the reels is placed right in the middle of the tornado, the eye of the storm being the clear part, so you can see the ground from high above, with the red barn and the fields. A bit closer to you, you will notice that there are various objects taken from the farmer’s house and the various animals from the barn. They seem quite happy to be flying, so I’m guessing they wanted to escape the farm.


Symbols: Hot (bonus), Cold (bonus), TV Set (wild), Cow (700x), Horse (500x), Pig (300x), Sheep (200x), Chicken (200x), Luggage (80x), Comforter (80x), Radio (70x), Boots (60x) and Stool (60x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d recommend this game both because of its above average graphics and because it actually tries to bring something new in front of the players. Its Tornado feature is a lot of fun and it can be profitable as well, while the Storm feature can give you multiple wilds, so you can’t help but love it.

Tornado-Farm Escape can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.