Wild Witches Slots

Wild-WitchesWild Witches is a charming slot machine that was designed by Net Entertainment, a game that adds quite a few sexy witches on its reels, which obviously does a lot to make this an entertaining and fun to play title. It’s not just about the young witches that are easy on the eyes, it’s also about the various oddities that can be found in a witch’s lair, from the eyeballs floating in jars, to the hat wearing rat, frogs and cauldrons with boiling potions inside.

With 5 reels & 20 paylines, Wild Witches might seem like an average game, but your opinion will change once you see its multiple wild symbols with multipliers, scatter symbols which give you huge prizes and the free spins (also with multipliers). Even the prizes are above average for this developer, offering you up to $40,000.

Features of Wild Witches

The girls aren’t the only ones giving you a reason to come back to this slot. The features also do a pretty good job at it, with a mix of free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds being present and quite useful.

First of all, you have two wild symbols in this game. Both of them show you spell books with skulls next to them, but one is a golden version, the other a regular one. Get the regular wild, which appears on all the reels, and you can form combinations with it directly (which will get you the top jackpot in the best case scenario) or you can use it to help other combinations to get formed. It can do that because it has the ability to substitute for another symbol, as long as it’s a regular one (scatters not included). It also has a x2 multiplier, doubling all prizes formed with its contribution.

The golden wild is a lot more profitable when it comes to substituting for other symbols, but it doesn’t have its own prizes to offer. It gets to appear on one reel out of five, the 3rd one. When it manages to substitute for a symbol and a combo is formed, it also applies a big multiplier, of x4, which quadruples the prize.

While scatter symbols usually bring you free spins, and a lot of people love them because of that, I for one enjoy them mostly because of the prizes they can offer. This is especially true in the case of Wild Witches, where the scatter symbol (a cauldron) will get you up to 500 times the amount you invested on a single spin.


Free Games Feature

You do get free spins as well from the scattered cauldrons, with 10 to 30 rounds available when you have three to five symbols. They have x3 multipliers for all the prizes obtained from combinations that form during the free spins.

Betting options and jackpots

When you want to trigger a spin in this slot, you have to first decide on the number of lines you want active, the number of coins you want to use for each one and the denomination of those coins. Up to 4 coins with values between $0.01 and $1 can be selected, with 80 coins being the maximum allowed for a spin ($80 value).

The best prizes offered inside will get you up to 40,000 coins (or 10,000x), translated into a cash prize of up to $40,000.

Design and symbols

Wild Witches is an enjoyable game, its graphics being at the usual level of quality for Net Ent. The sexy witches are especially well drawn, the kind of image you might see in a cartoon, while the rest of the symbols seem to have a slightly different style, though still good looking. Thanks to the witch related theme, there are quite a few things there that are disgusting, the eyeball floating in a jar being at the top of the list. It adds to the atmosphere though, so it’s a plus in its favor.

Symbols: Spell Book (wild, 10,000x), Gold Spell Book (wild), Cauldron (scatter, 500x triggering bet), Purple Witch (750x), Green Witch (500x), Blue Witch (500x), Red Witch (250x), Purple Witch on Broom (250x), Pink Witch (200x), Frog (150x), Mandrake Root (125x), Rat (125x), Poison (125x) and Eyeball in a Jar (125x).


Is It Worth Playing?

This game is a lot of fun, with both the features and its quirky design contributing to it. There are three different ways to get multipliers attached to a winning combo, and they go as high as 4x. The top jackpot is good enough on its own, but the multipliers can take it one step further.

Wild Witches can be found at any Net Entertainment casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.