Munchers Slots

MunchersMunchers is one of the NextGen Gaming slot machines and it offers you a theme inspired by carnivore plants and all sorts of insects and creatures that you normally don’t want to see. The action seems to take place in a solarium, a place which would give the munchers all the conditions they need to accelerate their growth. It’s not a pretty design you’re getting here, as it’s mostly trying to scare you and give you a Halloween worthy atmosphere, and even the poker cards look ragged.

This being your typical NextGen slot, it comes with 5 reels and with up to 25 active bet lines. The features are basic ones for them, giving you free spins with expanding wilds, scatter symbols and regular wilds. As for its big prizes, they reach a value of $10,000.

Features of Munchers

The Munchers are among the symbols with special powers, being wilds, and then we have the Watering Can scatters and the free spins with their expanding wilds.

The Muncher, or the carnivore plant, is the wild feature in this case. Capable of forming its own combinations, and paying up to 5,000 coins if this happens, the wild can appear on all the reels and it can be used as a substitute for other symbols. This happens only if it results in the formation of a new combo, and the wild has to appear exactly in the spot where it’s needed. The Watering Can scatter doesn’t use wilds as substitutes, but all other icons can do this.

Watering Cans are also available on all the reels of the game. Scatters, these icons can appear anywhere, even if not on active lines, and they will combine their powers to award payouts and trigger free spins. The payouts reach top values of 100 times the bet.

Free Games Feature

To get the 10 free spins which Munchers offers, you need the minimum of three scatters to be on the reels in the same round. For the duration of the free spins you have access to expanding wilds, though this feature is triggered at random and is not guaranteed.


Betting options and jackpots

For each bet line which you want to use in the next round, you will have to select one coin, and its denomination will be between $0.01 and $2. With 25 coins used, the bets will reach a $50 maximum value.

Given the 5,000 coins that the game promises on the paytable, you will know that up to $10,000 cash can be won.

Design and symbols

It’s not a pretty and cute design that you’re getting here. The aim seems to be to scare you, and the game does this with the weird looking playing cards, with spiders among the symbols and with meat eating plants, the Munchers. A solarium is the place where all this happens, the reels being placed inside and having plants in the role of borders between them.


Symbols: Muncher (5,000 coins, wild), Watering Can (100x bet, scatter), Fly (1,500 coins), Spider (750 coins), Gardening Tools (400 coins), Gloves (400 coins), Ace (200 coins), King (200 coins), Queen (150 coins), Jack (150 coins), 10 (100 coins) and 9 (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game manages to look frightening enough, and it has plenty of good sides for the fans of the scary genre, but in plenty of ways it doesn’t stand out enough, and I’m especially talking about features and payouts.

You will find Munchers at any online casino which chooses to use software from NextGen, playable either for free or for real money.