Monster Millions Slots

Monster-MillionsMonster Millions looks like it’s a game inspired by some Disney or Pixar animation movie, where monsters are the main characters. It’s that kind of design that you will find inside, and obviously that’s a very good thing in a game which was created to entertain as well, not just to give prizes. Created by Nuworks, the game has more than a few cool features, plus it also has jackpots which could make you a millionaire.

There is something very impressive about this game, and it’s not the theme, the 5 reels/25 lines used in the layout, or the features which include bonus games, free spins, scatters, multipliers and wilds. It’s the progressive jackpot that should be getting all your attention, as it’s one of the few that will go into the million dollar range. Alternatively, you can win a fixed prize of up to $7,500.

Features of Monster Millions

Monster Millions has a little bit of everything on its reels. You will find there wild symbols, scatters, bonus games, multipliers and free spins, so pretty much anything you could ask for.


Let’s take a look at the two Monster wilds first. We have the Red Monster (Tang) on the 3rd reel, while the Blue Monster (Bebo) can be present on reels 2, 3 and 4. Both wilds can substitute only for regular symbols, not being able to replace the scatter Moon or the other wild.


Multipliers are applied by the wilds whenever they manage to create a combo, being at 3x when Tang gets involved on its own, or 2x when Bebo does the same. If both Bebo and Tang are part of the same combo, acting as substitutes, the multiplier will be 6x.

Monster Bonus

This particular bonus game gets started when the Bebo wild is present on the three reels where it’s allowed to show up. You have to pick one of the three monsters next, and you will win a payout of up to 500 times the slot bet. Once this is done, there is a chance that you will get a multiplier from the monsters which were not selected, each one offering 2x to 4x to be used on the prize.


Monster Mania

This feature requires its own symbol on two reels, the 1st and the 5th, during the same spin. The Moon icon is the one that acts as a scatter and triggers the bonus game.


The bonus game takes you inside a bedroom with 7 hiding places. The monsters could be anywhere, and it’s your job to locate them. You have to discover the three monsters as quickly as possible, and the longer it takes you the fewer free spins you win. Up to 50 free games can be won, all of them with 3x multipliers.


Feature Guarantee

In case you’re really unlucky and you can’t trigger the Monster Mania feature in 125 spins, you are going to get it automatically through the Feature Guarantee. Chances are that you’re going to get it on your own by then, but it doesn’t hurt to have this kind of insurance.

Betting options and jackpots

The game asks you to use coins of $0.05 to $1, but with only one selected for each payline that is active. Since a total of 25 lines are part of the game, you can end up spending a maximum of $25 each round.

Normally, prizes can go as high as 7,500 coins, with both wilds being part of a certain combo which has the Girl at its basis. If the $7,500 don’t sound particularly great, then perhaps you will be happier with the Monster Millions progressive jackpot, which can easily go over the $1 million mark.

Design and symbols

The design of the game reminds me of the Monsters Inc movies which were quite popular when they first appeared, especially the first one. The symbols include monster themed poker cards among them, appearing as Cyclops, or with horns, tails and so on. The rest of the images will show off monsters and objects like the Monster Manual.


Symbols: Bebo (wild), Tang (wild), Moon (scatter), Girl (1,250 coins), Monster Manual (750 coins), Cuckoo Clock (400 coins), Candle (400 coins), Ace (200 coins), King (200 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins), 10 (100 coins) and 9 (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game will do a lot to convince you to give it a shot, but that million dollar progressive jackpot is clearly the best reason of all. I highly recommend you try your luck with it.

Monster Millions can be found at any NuWorks casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.