Silk Caravan Slots

Silk-CaravanThe look of Silk Caravan will tell you immediately what kind of theme it has. Designed by Nuworks, the game offers you an Arabic inspired design, with caravans of camels being visible in at least one symbol. The Silk Road was famous for the way it allowed traders and travelers of all kinds to traverse Asia, going from China all the way to the borders of Europe. Spanning over 6,000 km (4,000 miles), the Silk Road was impressive and Silk Caravan celebrates it in its own way, by focusing on the many traders that traversed it.

In a game with 50 lines, you can expect a lot of payouts to be awarded, but hopefully you will get the features to trigger as often as possible as well. These offer you wilds, free spins, scatters and multipliers. You can also hope for payouts of up to $8,000.

Features of Silk Caravan

While the game doesn’t bring features that are unheard of, the way the free spins are triggered is certainly unusual. Other features include the usual scatters and wilds.

The Jewel is the symbol which gets to act as the wild symbol in Silk Caravan. The appearance of this symbol on the reels can be good news in a couple of ways. It could act as a simple wild, in which case even one symbol can help you, but to be able to substitute for other symbols it has to appear exactly where it is needed. It’s more useful to get multiple wilds and on the same line, where they can form a combination of two to five icons. In that case, there are prizes of up to 8,000 coins which are awarded.


The Caravan scatter is another useful feature symbol in Silk Caravan. Since it appears anywhere on the five reels, all you need is to have enough of them present and you will be rewarded with prizes, as high as 100 times the bet if you have all five icons.

Free Games Feature

The free spins are not triggered by the scatter symbol, like they would be in other slots. Instead, the game has some randomly appearing borders, which surround symbols on the reels. If you have all five reels with symbols that have the Silk Caravan border around them, then you get free spins.


The first three reels/symbols decide how many free spins you get, each one transforming to show a different number. The fourth reel will give you a multiplier that will be applied to the wins of the free spins. The fifth reel will reveal the extra wild which will help you get more prizes.

If you happen to retrigger the free spins, then you will get an extra 5 free spins.

Betting options and jackpots

The game’s betting range starts at $0.01 and can go up to $50. Each line bet uses only one coin, and its value will not go higher than $1.

You can get paid up to 8,000 coins in Silk Caravan, which would mean $8,000 cash. The Major, Minor and Mini Progressive Jackpots can be randomly triggered at the end of a spin.

Design and symbols

The theme is heavily influenced by the Arabic world, so you might not see immediately the difference between it and a game that is themed around Aladdin. Still, give the paytable a look and you will notice the symbols which are inspired by the dedicated traders of the Silk Road, brave men that traveled through deserts and fought bandits in hostile territories. The quality of the design is quite good, like most are from Nuworks.


Symbols: Jewel (8,000 coins, wild), Caravan (scatter, 100x the bet), Girl (5,000 coins), Trader (2,500 coins), Oasis (2,000 coins), Dagger (500 coins), Spices (500 coins), Ace (300 coins), King (300 coins), Queen (300 coins), Jack (125 coins), 10 (125 coins) and 9 (125 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a charming game, and fans of the Arabic theme will enjoy it. The Silk Road was certainly deserving of its own slot machine, and it got a title with lots of chances to win each spin and with at least decent payouts.

You will find Silk Caravan at any online casino which chooses to use software from NuWorks, playable either for free or for real money.