Stone Age Cash Slots

Stone-Age-CashNuworks has built a Stone Age themed slot machine in Stone Age Cash. The problem is that they did it in a way that is unrealistic, and they appear to have taken The Flintstones as a guide instead of the real era. I’m saying this because dinosaurs are present on the reels, alongside humans and saber tooth tigers, which was never true. Still, if you want a game that is entertaining and if you’ve been a fan of The Flintstones, Stone Age Cash should be an appropriate slot to spend some time with.

Like most slots offered by Nuworks, Stone Age Cash offers the same 5 reels/25 bet lines. There are wild symbols inside, along with scatters, a bonus game and free spins with multipliers. You can win $12,500 cash, if you get the top jackpot.

Features of Stone Age Cash

The Stone Age Cash features start with the Caveman wild, then the scattered Volcano, free spins with multipliers and a bonus game.

One of the slot’s most important features would be the Caveman wild, which will also give away the best payouts available. You can get up to 12,500 coins from it if you have a combination of up to five of these wild symbols together on a payline. As the wild, it obviously can substitute for other symbols as well, with one exception, the scattered Volcano.


The Volcano appears in the scatter symbol and its defining characteristic is its ability to appear scattered at random on the five reels, and even though it doesn’t form a combo it will still give you prizes and access to bonus features. Payouts of up to 200x are possible, that multiplier applying to the total bet.

Free Games Feature

Not only does the wild symbol trigger the free spins in this case, but it can do it from scattered positions. Have 3 or more Cavemen present on the reels, and you will get a Pick feature where you choose one of those symbols and it will offer you either 25, 15, 10 or 8 free spins.


All prizes won during the free spins are tripled. Free spins can be retriggered, and you can also get access to the other bonus feature from inside this one.

Stone Age Cash Feature

The scattered Volcano will give you this feature, as long as a minimum of three such icons appear anywhere on the reels. On the next screen, you choose a rock which the Caveman will smash, and once that’s done it will show you the prize that you’ve won, worth up to 500 times the total bet.


You can also get a Bonus Hit, in which case you get a second pick and prize. A maximum of four Bonus Hits can be offered.

Betting options and jackpots

Given the betting standard which this developer works with, you can expect each payline to accept bets of up to $1, that being the maximum denomination for one coin as well. You get to wager with up to 25 coins, the maximum value being $25.

The Caveman wild is the one responsible for the top jackpot being offered, and it will give you $12,500 cash (12,500 coins).

Design and symbols

Considering the theme that was chosen, the design is very well handled. The action takes place inside a cave, where the cavemen have built a home for themselves. You can see a flock of pterodactyls flying in from above, in the logo area. The reels look like they’re made out of stone, with the symbols being a mix of cavemen, animals from their era, stone made objects and dinosaurs that normally wouldn’t belong in this game.


Symbols: Caveman (12,500 coins, wild), Volcano (200x the bet, scatter), Cave woman (5,000 coins), Triceratops (1,500 coins), Saber Tooth Tiger (750 coins), Mammoth (750 coins), Pterodactyl (300 coins), Carnivore Plant (300 coins), Stone Axe (200 coins), Dinosaur Egg (200 coins), Drinking Horn (100 coins) and Stone Wheel (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you can get past the impossible caveman/dinosaur mix, the game should be a decent choice, in every way, from the design quality to the features and even the payouts.

You will find Stone Age Cash at any online casino which chooses to use software from NuWorks , playable either for free or for real money.