• OpenBet Slots

OpenBet Slots

OpenBet is one of those iGaming companies that were lucky enough to be around when the industry was still in its formative years and flexible enough to use that advantage to build a massive online gambling empire.

Over the past few years, this UK-based company managed to create an open framework worthy of being called a complete gaming solution. The unique OpenBet platform can be used by sportsbook, casino and poker operators and if that wasn’t enough, it allows for quick integration of all kinds of third party content, including slot game packages.

OpenBet Online and Land-based Slots

OpenBet isn’t exactly a land-based slot machine manufacturer, but some of its games can be experienced via physical terminals. The company focuses on internet gaming solutions and cooperates with numerous high-profile online slot developers, such as Aristocrat, Ash Gaming, Endemol, Electracade or IGT, just to name a few.

Quite obviously, OpenBet wouldn’t be reviewed here if the company didn’t develop its own in-house slots. I am pleased to report that most of those games adhere to the highest industry standards in terms of graphics, sound effects and gameplay.

OpenBet Slot Game Reviews

OpenBet slots offer more than just technical excellence. Most of the games designed by this company are actually fairly creative and very entertaining, which makes them stand out from the crowd of all the modern slots with 3D visuals and cinematic animations.

Even the standard five reel games tend to come with one or two gimmicks which guarantee that playing them is going to be a memorable experience. However, the most exciting OpenBet slots tend to break the conventions and surprise the players with unorthodox reel setups and innovative gameplay mechanics.


Reception by Players

OpenBet is probably more popular among casino software manufacturers and operators than among players, which shouldn’t be all that surprising if you consider the fact that many of the slots that were worked on by the company’s staff have been released under a different brand name.

Nevertheless, most of the players that come into contact with OpenBet slots tend to be impressed with the overall experience.

Most Popular OpenBet Slot Machines

As mentioned above, the best OpenBet slots are the ones that actually manage to deliver a completely unique casino experience. Supercubes is a perfect example of such a unique slot – the game does away with the traditional reels and sports a 5×5 grid and 50 crazy L-shaped pay lines instead.

This idea is taken even further in Chain Reactors – the grid setup is virtually identical to the one used in Supercubes, but in this game the symbols explode whenever they form a winning combination, allowing new symbols to cascade from above.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that OpenBet slots aren’t all about gimmicky gameplay – if you’re looking for fairly standard five reel action in an impressive package, you might want to try one of OpenBet’s branded games, such as BloodRayne or The Hoff Slot.

Company History

OpenBet was founded in 1996 in Chiswick, London and was initially named Orbis Technologies. In 2005, the company was purchased by NDS. Under the guidance of David Loveday, Orbis managed to acquire NT Media and Electracade, which significantly boosted its natural growth.

In 2010, the company was renamed to OpenBet, which was the name of its iconic betting platform. In 2011, the company was  sold by NDS for £208 million in a management buy-out that was covered by a private equity firm.

In 2013, David Loveday was replaced by the current CEO, Jeremy Thompson Hill. OpenBet has offices located in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom and has formed partnerships with more than 50 high-profile iGaming companies from Europe, Australia and the United States.

OpenBet has received five consecutive sports betting supplier of the year awards from eGR and has been named one of the top 100 UK-based companies to work for by the Sunday Times for in 2010 and 2015.

Outlook and Latest Developments

OpenBet’s focus on developing successful gambling platforms ultimately allowed it to deploy its software in virtually every legal gaming jurisdiction in the world. The company prides itself in providing the most open gaming platform in the industry and its products include sportsbook, casino and poker packages that can be linked to a single central account.

Over the past two decades, the company has won the trust of numerous major gambling operators, including William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, SkyBet, Betfair and PMU. In addition, OpenBet cooperates with several national lotteries in North America and supplies them with the technology that allows them to conduct their online operations.

The company’s revenue amounted to more than £66 million in 2014, which was a significant increase over the previous year. OpenBet has become such an integral part of the iGaming industry that it’d be difficult to imagine how everything would actually look without OpenBet’s products.

All things considered, most experts seem to be 100% sure that OpenBet is going to do well in the years to come. If you ask me, this is actually great news, since their slots are absolutely amazing.