Battle of the Gods Slots

Battle-of-the-GodsBattle of the Gods is inspired by the Ancient Greece mythology, the legends telling about the confrontation between the old gods and the new ones. The Titans fight the Olympians on the reels of this game, and the features and graphics make sure to keep the two sides separate, offering different things depending on which one dominates. Playtech offers us an interesting slot machine here, one that looks good and which keeps the player’s attention with the help of its features.

This impressive game gives you a rather standard 25 lines on 5 reels. It’s going to be expensive to play, but it will also pay a considerable amount if you’re lucky, reaching $500,000. As for the features, you have free spins which keep going for as long as you remain lucky, you have scatter symbols, wilds and bonus games.

Features of Battle of the Gods

The feature list is quite interesting, incorporating wild symbols, scatters, free spins with two modes of gameplay, plus extra wilds that appear in certain situations.

Keep an eye out for the symbol with the WILD Logo and with the pair of wings on top of it. It’s going to give out the best prizes that this game has to offer, as much as 10,000x the line bet, as long as you have enough of them on the same line and they form a combination. Since it’s a wild, it can obviously be a substitute for a regular symbol as well.

To trigger the free spins, you will need the scattered Temple symbol on the reels, a minimum of three times. You also get prizes from it, and you only need two or more for that to happen. Up to 200 times the bet is offered as a prize in Battle of the Gods by these symbols, but for that kind of money you need the fiver reels to have just as many scatters.

Gods vs Titans Free Games

The free spins get triggered in the game by the Temple scatter, the requirement being for 3+ symbols to be on the reels. You have two modes to play in, Gods and Titans. While you’re in Gods mode, you have an unlimited number of free spins that you can use. When you switch to Titans mode, only 8 free spins are provided there, and once you use those up, the feature ends. However, if you’re really lucky, you can end up spending a lot of time in God mode, where the is no such limit.


To go from one mode to another, a certain God symbol needs to appear on the 3rd reel in Titans mode, or a certain Titan is needed on the same reel while you’re in Gods mode. The rest of the symbols in each mode use the symbols with the gods or the titans, but not both. The symbols which trigger the other modes will also act as extra wilds during the free spins.


This feature is a bit weird, requiring that you get five God symbols in an X shape, on the middle three reels of the slot. If this does happen, you are rewarded with a prize worth 5 times the bet value.

Betting options and jackpots

The line bet in Battle of the Gods can go up to $50, which is a huge value for a single coin. The 25 coins will have a maximum value of $1,250, which puts it in high roller territory. It’s not a game that can’t be played by players with smaller budgets though, the coins going to just $0.01 if needed.

It can be a very rewarding game to play, as it offers a 10,000 coins top payout, and that could mean $500,000 cash if you used the proper bet.

Design and symbols

The design in this case is a bit too dark for my tastes, but there are a lot of details built into the symbols which were used. You have symbols with a brown background when it comes to the Titans, while the Gods have dark blue backgrounds behind them. Most of the symbols are with the two types of characters, only two extra feature icons being different. It’s a good design all in all, the only downside being the lack of light, making some images almost difficult to make out.


The symbols list starts with the wild symbol, which awards the biggest payout, continues with the scatter symbol, which pays 200x the bet, and then you have the gods and the titans. They will pay up to 1,500 coins, and there is a titan and a god for each payout value.

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not the kind of game that you should ignore. At 10,000 coins, the jackpot of the slot is big enough to get anyone’s attention, and the rest of the features are just as fun.

The Battle of the Gods slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.