Bench Warmer Football Girls Slots

Bench-Warmer-Football-GirlsBench Warmer Football Girls is a game which seems dedicated to the biggest supporters of the football teams, the cheerleaders. The symbols in this game are either incredibly hot, or incredibly boring, depending on whether you get poker cards or photos of attractive women on the reels. The girls all have a football in their hands (a soccer ball) and they pose for the camera in skimpy outfits. They’re cheerleaders by the looks of it, and while I couldn’t agree more with the theme selection, the game relies way too much on the hot girls and doesn’t offer much with the rest of the design.

You’re going to discover 30 paylines in Bench Warmer, 5 reels being the standard support system for them. The game also has free spins, scatter symbols, wilds and bonus games. The big prize is worth at most 10,000 coins.

Features of Bench Warmer Football Girls

The game comes with wild symbols, with bonus games, scatters and free spins, all of them great to have in any modern title.

The WILD Logo will be the one you see when the top jackpot of the slot is offered, the reward going up to 10,000x if this symbol creates a combination of five wilds. It’s quite useful even if it doesn’t land enough symbols for a combo, being a substitute for other symbols and helping you get other wins this way. Wilds don’t substitute for scatter symbols though.

The Bench Warmer Logo is responsible for the free spins getting started, and it’s also the scatter that will give you a prize. Have at least two Logos on the reels, and you will get a reward that goes as high as 100 times the round’s bet.

Free Games Feature

You will receive 10 spins for free from this game, should you manage to land at least three Bench Warmer Logos. You choose one of the girls before the free spins start, and you will get her expanded on the 1st reel and locked in place. Only the last four reels spin. You don’t get any of the other girls during the free spins, but there are additional girls of the type you selected on the reels. The odds of you getting a high value prize increase considerably.


You are able to retrigger free spins, with 3+ scatters adding another 10 free spins to the queue.

Football Bonus

The symbol which triggers the bonus game is easy to spot. It’s the image of a football, with the word BONUS in front of it. It’s going to appear on the reels 1 and 5 only, but you need it present on both of them to get the bonus feature.

In the Football Bonus, you have to pick three footballs, out of five that are shown. They will each have a random prize to offer you.

Betting options and jackpots

When placing a bet in this game, you only have to use one coin, so you can modify its value mostly through the coin denominations. You can use up to 30 coins each round of the game you play through.

If you do win the big prize, and its 10,000x value, that would mean 10,000 coins in your pocket.

Design and symbols

The game’s theme holds promise, and I’m sure that any hot blooded male will agree with me, which is good since that’s the target of this slot machine. The implementation relies a lot on the five attractive women in skimpy clothing, which might sound like a good thing, but I believe it would’ve made the slot even better if they actually did some work on the rest of the symbols as well. I’m especially talking about the silver poker cards with black backgrounds.


Symbols: Wild Logo (wild, 10,000 coins), Bonus Logo (bonus), Bench Warmer Logo (scatter, 100x bet), Blonde in Red (750 coins), Brunette in White (450 coins), Blonde in White (450 coins), Brunette in Brown (375 coins), Brunette in Yellow (375 coins), Ace (200 coins), King (200 coins), Queen (125 coins), Jack (125 coins) and 10 (125 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game’s theme should be a good enough reason for plenty of players to try it out, but luckily there are some good features and prizes as well to take advantage of.

You will find Bench Warmer Football Girls at any online casino which chooses to use software from Playtech, playable either for free or for real money.