Crazy 7 Slots

Crazy-7Crazy 7 is a classic slot machine, created by the guys from Playtech. They have a number of similar slot machines, with a smaller number of reels and with even fewer paylines. None of them looks particularly appealing, not if you’ve played modern slot machines before anyway. The Crazy 7 theme translates into a few different 7 symbols, of different colors. There are no classic symbols in it, something that I for one am thankful for. The 7 is a strong presence in this game, being available on all the symbols and in the background picture as well.

A 3 reels game, Crazy 7 has 1 payline on them. Its creator, Playtech, decided to make a classic slot out of it, while its prizes can give you up to $2,000.

Features of Crazy 7

As most classic slots tend to be, Crazy 7 is a game without features, of any kind. You get to find out if a combo is formed on the only payline available, and that’s where the game ends. There is no chance of a wild symbol helping out, or for a bonus game to start and provide you with a little bit of extra entertainment.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting system is the usual one, with the one payline getting 1 to 3 coins in wagers, where the bigger bet is preferable because you can win more with its help, but only when it comes to the big jackpot. The coins are valued at $0.05 to $5, with total bets reaching $15.

The prizes aren’t too high, but there are only a couple of symbols present, so you should be getting paid quite often. The 400 coins offered by the jackpot mean a maximum of $2,000 for you.

Design and symbols

The classic slot theme is the one where you can see the entire machine, including the metallic arm that you pulled on to get the round to start. There are the three betting buttons at the bottom, plus a coin denomination modifier. Above, the classic red displays and the three reels. The paytable is at the top, right below the logo, while the background images is purple and filled with floating 7 balls. It’s not as bad as other classic slot machines, but it’s also far from being a great looking game.

Symbols: Red 7 (400 coins), Green 7 (150 coins) and Blue 7 (75 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

I love the fact that you only have three symbols in it, which should mean that you will get paid often. On the other hand, the top payouts are not that impressive.

This Crazy 7 slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.