Diamond Valley Pro Slots

Diamond-Valley-ProDiamond Valley Pro is the heavily upgraded version of Diamond Valley, a game where you get a couple of treasure seeking characters in the Wild West, the target being the diamonds found in a certain valley. There are Indian Chiefs as well in the picture, our main characters trying to get the location of these treasures out of him. The game’s design isn’t the only thing that has changed with this second version of the slot. There were also multiple new features added to the mix, plus about four times more paylines than you previously had at your disposal.

You get more paylines in this slot than in its predecessor, 20 of them being placed on the same number of 5 reels. The game’s features involve both bonus symbols and scatters, plus free spins and multipliers. The wilds complete that picture, with the top jackpot that they can give away, up to $500,000, a life changing prize.

Features of Diamond Valley Pro

You will be able to take advantage of a wild symbol, of scatters that offers prizes and of bonus games that can get you free spins and multipliers as high as x10.

A bottle of tequila, with a cactus plant nearby, is the image you will see in the slot’s wild symbol. It’s the same feature that you will find in every other game, nothing special about it. There are prizes of its own that it offers, the top jackpot being the best one and offered for the maximum number of wilds taking over an active payline. The rest of the time, the wild is going to be the one to substitute for other symbols, two exceptions being the bonus and scatter icons.

The bone picking vulture that was visible in the logo area in the previous version has made a comeback, only this time it got its own symbol, with the role being that of a scatter. There are prizes given away with its help, without it needing to be on the same active line. Instead, simply having enough Vultures on the reels will trigger the payouts, varying from 1x to 200x the bet value, when you have 2 to 5 symbols.

Bonus Game

The Bonus symbol is marked as such and is easy to recognize, sporting a collection of diamonds underneath the word Bonus. This is a scatter symbol that is reserved for the 1st and 5th reels. Appearing on both symbols at the same time, it will trigger a bonus feature that gives you up to 20 spins for free and a multiplier of up to x10. You also get a small prize to start with, worth 4x the bet.

You find out exactly how many spins you get and how big the multiplier is by picking one of the characters in the hole, and then picking one of the objects they have in their hands. You can retrigger the free spins, for as long as you keep getting the bonus symbols, but the multiplier will remain the same one at all times.


Betting options and jackpots

This is far from being the cheap slot machine that the initial version was, using up to $1,000 per spin, instead of the $5 required before. This large bet uses 10 coins for each of the 20 lines, with denominations set to the maximum of $5. A $50 line bet results, with all 20 lines selected resulting in a total of $1,000.

With the help of five wild symbols, you get 10,000 times the line bet back, so if you could afford paying $1,000 for a single spin, you’re looking at a $500,000 payout. A progressive jackpot is also offered, just like in the original version of Diamond Valley.

Design and symbols

The design of the Pro version of Diamond Valley has been heavily improved, now looking like a true modern slot machine, with 3D graphics and high quality images used everywhere. I’m not a fan of the playing cards that it now uses, but the rest of the symbols are all a lot better than the ones from the first title. The same focus on diamonds and on the three characters exists, only now you can actually see the diamond seekers among the symbols, not just in the bonus game.

Symbols: Tequila (wild, 10,000x), Bonus Diamonds (bonus), Vulture (scatter, 200x the bet), Lady (500x), Cowboy (300x), Indian (150x), Ace (100x), King (75x), Queen (75x), Jack (50x) and 10 (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a game with huge prizes, good graphics and a decent collection of features. The huge bets required are the one downside, but I suggest you try out both this slot and the previous one from this series, and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Diamond Valley Pro can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.