Diamond Valley Slots

Diamond-ValleyDiamond Valley is one of Playtech’s slot machines, and a title that seems to be themed around treasure seekers, showing us at the same time how dangerous this work can be. It’s a game that will bring along a progressive jackpot, a plus in its favor, along with some interesting graphics, part funny, part cartoonish. There are quite a few gems of different colors in the game, along with at least one classic symbol and some danger related images. Just like the bone picking vulture seems to indicate at the top, looking for diamonds can be a dangerous job.

A simpler game than you might be used to, Diamond Valley has 5 reels & 5 bet lines, offering as features a bonus game and a scatter, not much else. Payouts will get you either a progressive jackpot or its own $5,000 payout.

Features of Diamond Valley

There are only two types of features you can take advantage of while playing Diamond Valley. One of them is the scatter symbol and the prize it offers, the second being a bonus game, also with bonus prizes waiting for you.

The scatter is the easiest one of the two. It’s a simple feature with scatter abilities, meaning that the only thing it does is award prizes from random positions instead of doing it from active paylines. Its symbols don’t need to be grouped together, which is the one advantage that the scatter has over other symbols. Its prizes are also valued differently, the 200x multiplier mentioned here being for the total bet, not the line bet.

Bonus Game

The other major feature is the one with the bonus game. The symbol with the purple diamond in someone’s hand will trigger it for you, as long as you get a regular combo on an active line, with a minimum of three symbols of this type.

The game’s next screen will be with three characters that you have to pick from. Your choices are the Lady, the Cowboy and the Indian. Help one of them and the possessions of that character will be yours.

Betting options and jackpots

One thing you will appreciate about this game is the relatively low betting requirement, asking only for a $5 investment to trigger a spin. Another would be its fixed value, so you don’t actually have betting options to use. Each coin activates another line and is fixed at $1.

The $1 line bet means that the 5,000 coins you can get from the slot are valued at exactly $5,000, no more and no less. The alternative is the progressive jackpot, which is more inviting, its biggest value ever being $454,000, while the smallest one was at $5,987. It averages at about $72,000, when you consider all the past prizes at which it was won.

Design and symbols

The game seems to have a bit of a Wild West design, the action involving Indians and cowboys, as you will see in the bonus game. Diamond Valley seems to be a very dangerous place, with vultures that circle the area showing us that there are victims down there, but it’s also incredibly profitable, based on the various diamond related symbols that are used. It’s a Cartoon style that reminds me of cartoons from a few decades ago, but it’s a design that I enjoy to this day.

Symbols: Hand (scatter), Red Ruby (scatter), Blue Diamonds (progressive jackpot or 5,000 coins), Dollar Sign (2,500 coins), Bird (1,000 coins), Jewelry Box (1,000 coins), Bar of Fire (300 coins) and False Teeth (300 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Diamond Valley is an enjoyable choice, despite its limited number of paylines, the graphics helping out, as does the progressive jackpot and the bonus game you have access to while playing it.

The Diamond Valley slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.