Dr. Lovemore Slots

Dr.-LovemoreDr. Lovemore is a hilarious slot machine, themed around the exploits of a regular Don Juan, a character that is all about seduction. You’re shown the various tools of seduction he uses, from the flowers he offers, to his pink and heart decorated underwear, bottles of champagne, or the license plate that says WILD. Add to that a couple of fruit flavored condoms, and you have the full picture. Playtech did a good job with it, managed to make it both funny and a good looking slot machine, with plenty of good features up for grabs.

If you want to experience Dr. Lovemore’s charms for yourself, you will need to bet on up to 20 lines. The game has 5 reels and among its symbols you will find two scatter symbols and a wild, with free spins and multipliers being results you should expect from their appearance. A progressive jackpot from Dollar Ball is available, but the game does OK on its own, giving away up to $100,000.

Features of Dr. Lovemore

The game is not only entertaining, it’s also well stocked when it comes to features, including wildcards, scatter symbols, bonus games, free spins and even multipliers.

The symbol that gets the role of the wild is called a Wildcard in this game, taking the form of a license plate on which you can read Dr. Lovemore WILD. The Wildcard is counted as any symbol, when this results in a paying combo being formed, as long as the bonus or scatter symbols aren’t involved. It also has its own spectacular prizes to give away, the 10,000x jackpot being one of them.

Dr. Lovemore is visible in one of the feature symbols, the scatter, where he is shown as he is seen through a peephole. It’s not the most flattering picture he could get, but his prizes are good enough that I’m not going to complain. The scatter symbol can give you his prizes from random positions, located anywhere on the five reels. The requirement is for two to five scattered symbols to be present, which will get you a 1x to 250x prize, the total bet being used together with that multiplier.

Free Games Feature

The second scatter symbol is used only on two of the five reels, the first and the last ones. It has the image of Dr. Lovemore’s boxer shorts, which are pink and filled with tiny hearts. The appearance of this bonus symbol on both reels it is allowed on will trigger the free spins. 20 spins are won this way, with x2 multipliers that double all the prizes that are offered. You can get additional free spins from this game.

Betting options and jackpots

Playtech decides to make use of all the betting options here, so you can modify paylines, the number of coins and the denomination, with the resulting betting range being $0.01 to $200. When the options are maxed out, you are using 10 coins per line, with the denomination set to $1.

With the wild’s help, you can win the top jackpot, 10,000x the line bet, or up to $100,000. The free spins do mention a x2 multiplier, so you have a chance at doubling that amount. You also can go after the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, as long as you don’t mind placing extra bets to activate it.

Design and symbols

You can say that you don’t like the content of the slot’s symbols or the overall look, but you can’t say about it that it’s not a good looking design. While it has a bit too much pink and seduction themed symbols on its reels, it was created by a designer that knew what he was doing. You can see it in the quality of the symbols and in the intentional cheesiness of the various seduction tools that are employed by Dr. Lovemore.

Symbols: License Plate (wild, 10,000x), Underpants (scatter, 250x round’s wager), Dr. Lovemore (scatter), Male & Female Symbol (500x), Champagne (400x), Perfume Bottle (300x), Red Roses (200x), Strawberry Flavored Condom (150x), Kiwi Flavor (125x), Banana Flavor (100x), Orange Flavor (75x) and Cherry Flavor (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a hilarious slot machine, with both the features and the graphics contributing to it. Add an above average prize and standard betting requirements, and you get a title that needs to be experienced by everyone, if nothing else than for a few laughs.

Dr. Lovemore can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.