Fairy Magic Slots

Fairy-MagicFairy Magic is a Playtech designed slot machine, where the action does indeed seems to focus on fairies and on the kind of magical land where such creatures would exist. It’s no surprise that you can also see unicorns in this game, as they’re just as likely to exist in a world where magic is possible. Many of the symbols the game uses manage to send across the message and the kind of magical atmosphere that a theme like this needs, but there are some less than ideal elements in it as well, meaning mostly the playing cards and their bland look and background image. The fairy theme is not new or unusual, there have been others that were built with the same theme or incorporating the fairy among the main symbols.

Fairy Magic has 5 reels and a rather average 15 paylines. Designed by Playtech’s developers, the game has the Collective Bonus as its best feature, a title to which the stacked wild also aspires, together with the scatter and the huge prizes it can give away. Speaking of the prizes, they reach $50,000 when they’re at their highest.

Features of Fairy Magic

The wild symbol would be the main feature of the slot as far as I’m concerned, but it’s not the only one. You will also enjoy the Collective Bonus or the scatter symbol that can be almost as generous as the wild is.

The Unicorn appears in the wild symbol. This is a stacked wild, which will cover 1 to 3 positions on the same reel when it appears. It shows up on all the reels and it can give away the slot’s top jackpot, when a five symbol combo gets formed. What’s even better is the fact that the stacked symbol means that there is a chance that you will win multiple top jackpots during the same round. The Collective Bonus and the scatter don’t benefit from the wild’s presence and abilities.

The only role that the scatter symbol has in this game is that of a trigger of big prizes, as long as there are enough symbols of this type present. A minimum of three scattered symbols are needed to get you the smallest payout, of 10x the bet, while four scatters gets you 50x and five of them reward you with 500x the bet (second best prize after the one the wild gets you).

Collective Bonus

Whenever the Fairy symbol shows up on one of the reels, it will drop a star, which will be collected underneath the reel it is on. Once you have four reels collected under a single reel, you get access to a feature with 5 free spins and x2 multipliers, plus an instant prize worth 4x the triggering bet.


The game will keep a record of the stars you’ve collected so far, so you don’t start from scratch if you have to log out for a while. The appearance of the fairy symbol during free spins will reward you with an additional 5 spins for free.

Betting options and jackpots

The game is not as expensive as other slot machines are, the line bets only reaching a maximum value of $5, while the total bet is at $75. These line bets are composed of a maximum of 10 coins, denominations stopping at $0.50, while the minimum is at $0.01.

The stacked wild can get you up to 10,000x back, based on the line bet. It can mean a maximum of 100,000 coins, or a cash value of $50,000. The free spins and their x2 multiplier should be able to influence this prize further, possibly taking it up to $100,000.

Design and symbols

There are quite a few things that I enjoy about a fairy themed slot machine, but the playing cards are not one of them. Unfortunately, about half of the symbols used are playing cards, though they also appear more often than the others, so it seems like two thirds of the screen always has them present. The symbols that are directly related to a magical fairy land look much better, properly designed symbols that are a pleasure to look at. Too bad they didn’t put that much work into the rest of the slot.

Symbols: Unicorn (wild, 10,000x), Tree House (scatter, 500x the bet), Fairy (scatter), Gnome (1,000x), Squirrel (500x), Toadstool (300x), Bellflower (300x), Ace (250x), King (150x), Queen (150x), Jack (100x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a charming slot, with multiple good features in it and with prizes that are satisfying considering the amount that the top wager reaches. Overall, I’d recommend you try it out for yourself.

This Fairy Magic slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.