Fantastic Four – 50 Lines Slots

Fantastic-Four-50-LinesFantastic Four – 50 Lines mentions right from the title what it is about. This is not the first slot from Playtech to have this theme, it’s the second one actually, the main difference being the presence of 50 lines instead of 20. Other than that, the game seems to have kept pretty much the same design as the previous slot machine, which I’m disappointed with since I felt that it could’ve used a bit more work.

As I’ve mentioned before, the game has 50 lines and that is the main difference between it and the previous version of the slot. The same 5 reels are used, together with features that are largely the same, including the wilds, scatters, free spins and the associated features found inside. A $100,000 jackpot and the Marvel jackpots are the best prizes available.

Features of Fantastic Four – 50 Lines

The free spins remain the most exciting feature available in this game, with the scatter and wild symbols each bringing their contribution, but remaining the regular features that you’re used to.

Just as before, the Logo remains the wild feature in this game. Its appearance triggers the top jackpot in certain conditions, or it simply allows other combinations to be formed. The formation of new combinations is done through the wild’s substitution ability, which allows it to take the role of another symbol, but only if the wild’s position is the right one. As for the prizes that the wild gives out directly, they’re preferable to any combo it could help form, as the top jackpot can be obtained with its help. Five wilds on an active line gets you 10,000x the line wager.

The Planet Earth scatter also remains the same trigger for both free spins and cash prizes. The prizes it offers go up to 200x the amount you’ve used in your bet, as long as you have the necessary number of scatter symbols (3 to 5 needed to get you a prize).

Free Games Feature

If you manage to get a prize out of the scatter symbol, you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself access to the free spins as well. The minimum requirement is the same as with the cash prize, at least three being needed somewhere on the reels.

The prize is a round with 12 free spins and one of four features active. You choose which feature you want activated for the duration of the free spins.


Mr. Fantastic gets you an extra 4 spins, plus this symbol acts as an expanding wild for the duration of the feature.


Invisible Woman is going to also get you 4 additional spins, plus it will add to the round’s multiplier an extra x1. The multiplier keeps going up, and its total value is used at the end of the free spins, on all the prizes you’ve gained during those rounds.


Human Torch is the third feature, which will give you an additional four spins. During these spins, Human Torch occupies all the positions of the 1st reel, while the other reels will spin.


The Thing is the final feature available during free spins. It gets you only three additional rounds, plus you will notice that The Thing is used as a frozen wild, staying in place on the reels when it appears.


Betting options and jackpots

With more paylines to bet on, the slot is more expensive than the 20 line version. Each of the 50 lines gets bets of up to $10, with up to 10 coins of $1 in them. The use of fewer coins and of denominations of just $0.01 is allowed. The maximum wager gets to $500.

If the random round with the progressive jackpots doesn’t trigger, you should hope for the slot’s own prizes instead, as they’re above average. You can win up to $100,000, the equivalent of 100,000 coins, or 10,000x line bet.

Design and symbols

The design remains largely the same as in the other version of Fantastic Four that comes from Playtech, with brushed metal used in quite a few places, with computer made characters and a general design that doesn’t seem worthy of the Marvel franchise. The change is obviously in the number of paylines, 50 of them being used now instead of the original 20.

Symbols: Logo (wild, 10,000x), Earth (scatter, 200x round wager), Mr. Fantastic (2,000x), Invisible Woman (1,500x), Human Torch (1,000x), The Thing (750x), Ace (250x), King (250x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), 10 (100x) and 9 (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

You get a lot more chances to get a jackpot or a regular prize, when there are 50 lines instead of 20 active. You also have to bet more for the privilege, but you get a different experience since you have more winning combinations forming as you play.

Fantastic Four, a Marvel Creation

The four heroes that are part of the Fantastic Four group are former astronauts, modified by the cosmic rays they were exposed to, while on one of their missions in space. Each one has a different power, from Mr. Fantastic’s ability to stretch, to The Thing’s strength, the flying and flames of Human Torch or the invisibility of Invisible Woman. Each one brings something different to the table and together they form a team that is unstoppable. It was Marvel’s first team of superheroes and it’s been published for the first time in 1961.

Among the characters that appeared on the other side, the villains, you will find names like Silver Surfer, Skrulls, Namor, Galactus and Doctor Doom. It’s been published for over 50 years now, something that few other comic books can claim. Four different movies were made based on it, plus four different animation series.

You will find Fantastic Four – 50 Lines at any online casino which chooses to use software from Playtech, playable either for free or for real money.