Farmer’s Market Slots

Farmer's-MarketFarmer’s Market is a game designed by Playtech, with a theme revolving around the delicious products that you could buy at an event like the one described by the title. The farmer’s market is a great place to be at, if you want to buy delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables, things that regular supermarkets don’t generally offer in their quest to give you prices as low as possible. People are realizing more and more how important good food can be for their health, so farmer’s markets are a lot more popular these days than they were a decade ago. A slot designed with this theme in mind sounds great on paper, but one quick look at the design and you might start running in the other direction.

The graphics might be below average, but the layout is exactly that way, with 5 reels and 20 bet lines provided to its players. There are bonus games, wild symbols, scatters, free spins and multipliers, all in all a decent mix of features that you can expect in modern slots these days. Its best payout reaches a $250,000 value.

Features of Farmer’s Market

The slot seems to try and offer a little bit of everything to its players. The bonus game that is available is one interesting option, along with the wild symbol, the scatter or the free spins and multipliers that can get triggered.

The Strawberry is the wild element, shown here as it’s sitting next to some whipped cream, the perfect combo. A wild will count as any other regular symbol, if that gets you a combination that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible, or if it can improve on an existing combo. You don’t need other combinations to get prizes from the wild though, as it has its own to give away. The requirement for up to five wilds to be on the same payline is not going to be easily met, but when you do get them together, you can expect the top jackpot and its 5,000x line bet multiplier.

The Watermelon, shown while enjoying a nice orange cocktail, acts as the scatter. The scatter payouts are multiples of the total bet, offering 5x to 100x the total bet, for the three to five symbols of this type present in random positions at the same time.

Bonus Game

This is the one bonus game that the slot has, being triggered by the presence of the grape symbol on two reels at the same time. The exact position on those two reels doesn’t matter, only that both have it simultaneously.

You are taken to the farmer’s market, where you pick various types of produce and you win from them a number of free spins and multipliers.


Betting options and jackpots

The coin denomination is in the bottom right corner, starting at $0.01 and going up to $5. Next, you have the Line Bet and the Lines options, the former going from 1 to 10, while the latter gives you 1 to 20 lines to choose. The wagers can go as high as $50 for a single payline, with the total going up to $1,000.

The wild’s reward, if you manage to get it to occupy the entire payline, will be worth 5,000x the line bet, so up to $250,000 if the right bet was used.

Design and symbols

The design is truly the least appealing part about this game. In theory it should be an interesting slot, but the symbols are drawn in a crude manner, all sporting rather dumb looks on their faces. It’s not the kind of appealing and tasty legume or fruit that you would expect to buy from a farmer’s market, and I for one wouldn’t want them anywhere near my kitchen. There is a lot of green in the design, most symbols incorporate it, plus the same color is used in the logo and the paytable numbers.

Symbols: Strawberry (wild, 5,000x), Melon (scatter, 100x triggering bet), Grape (bonus), Green Apple (500x), Banana (300x), Peach (200x), Bell Pepper (100x), Tomato (100x), Eggplant (100x) and Onion (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

While its best prizes tend to be quite good, they do require serious investments. The low quality graphics might stop you from enjoying this game, if a good design is important to you at least, so I suggest you keep looking if that’s the case.

Farmer’s Market can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.