From Russia With Love Slots

From-Russia-With-LoveA game like From Russia With Love will be the perfect choice for anyone that wants to travel. Playtech created in it a slot machine with all sorts of gorgeous objects and foods that you can experience while you’re in this country. From the famous Russian dolls, to beautiful playing cards, bottles of vodka or images with Moscow’s churches, the game manages to create an attractive view of this country.

With 25 paylines, the game gives you just as many chances to get a combo formed on its 5 reels. There are bonus games, lots of free spins with multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds, with jackpots giving you up to $500,000.

Features of From Russia With Love

You will get every feature you could reasonably expect from a slot machine these days, starting with the wild symbol, the scatter and a bonus game that gives you as many as 74 free spins and multipliers.

The Wild Onion is a special part of the game, perhaps the most important symbol it has, offering the 10,000x jackpot and acting as the wild at the same time. The wild ability comes in handy when the symbol is on a payline together with a couple of other matching regular symbols, as it can assist them with the formation of a new combination. When there are multiple wilds on the same line, there are prizes offered by it, the minimum being 10x for two symbols.

The Vodka bottle and the two shot glasses get you prizes, nothing more, but it should be more than enough since this scatter symbol awards up to 250 times the round bet. Three to five Vodka symbols, in any position on the reels, will get you a prize.

Bonus Game

The Matryoshka Doll is a well known souvenir that everyone can bring home from Russia, with smaller and smaller dolls hidden one inside the other being the thing that sets them apart from regular doll figurines. They start their own bonus game in this slot, as they are scatter symbols reserved for the first and fifth reels.


When both reels are host to one of these symbols, the bonus game starts. You get a simple screen with multiple dolls on it, you make some picks and you get a number of free spins.

As many as 75 free spins can be won through this bonus game, if you’re extremely lucky with your picks. On top of that, you also get x2 multipliers for all the wins.


Betting options and jackpots

Russia might be a good destination for a tourist, but the slot based on it is definitely not cheap. Bets of up to $1,250 are placed on the 25 paylines, using up to 10 coins for each one. As for the denominations, they start at $0.01 and they stop at $5. There are $50 line bets possible here, so you can understand why the total bet is so expensive to pursue.

The bets are big, but so is the top jackpot. You have a 10,000x line bet multiple in it, with the value being a maximum of $500,000.

Design and symbols

The design of the slot looks good, above average for Playtech. It has a mix of dark blue, red and white that just works in this case. It’s one of those rare slots where the playing cards actually look great and manage to improve the overall design, as they take the form of letters as they might’ve been written in very old books, by hand. All the symbols were designed well though, giving you a mix of souvenirs, foods and drinks from Russia.

Symbols: Onion (wild, 10,000x), Matryoshka Doll (scatter), Vodka (scatter, 250x the triggering wager), Samovar (500x), Balalaika (400x), Bast Shoes (300x), Bublik (200x), Ace (150x), King (125x), Queen (100x), Jack (75x) and Ten (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s the perfect slot for the world traveler, focusing on a country that can be incredibly beautiful, even though it’s not on most people’s top 10 list. There are some great prizes as well in the game, as you can walk away with 10,000 times more money than what you bet on a single bet line.

This From Russia With Love slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.