Goblin’s Cave Slots

Goblins-CaveGoblin’s Cave is a Playtech slot machine, with a fantasy themed design and with some unusual features in it. The look is that of a three reel title, but it actually has 9 reels. It plays differently thanks to the Hold option and it looks better than a real classic slot. The goblin theme has been tried before, these creatures being often seen in slot machines that get their inspiration from the fantasy genre.

This 9 reel game has 3 paylines and it was designed by Playtech. There are three interesting features, the Hold option, the bonus game and the wild, with prizes giving you up to $3,750.

Features of Goblin’s Cave

The wild might be the only really popular symbol used in this slot, but the Hold feature can be just as profitable, and it is employed in this game.

The game starts with the bottom three reels/symbols, which are displayed once the player hits Spin. Each of them has a Hold button underneath, which allows the player to keep that symbol and get it to show up on the reels that are above them. For example, getting a red crown symbol on the 1st reel, a wild on the 2nd reel and another different symbol on the 3rd reel, will allow you to keep the first two with the Hold feature, hoping that when the third position spins you will get either the wild or the red crown. The symbols from the positions at the bottom are replicated on the entire vertical when the Hold button is used. If you get the right symbol on the 3rd reel, it will be part of the combo formed on that line.

A wild symbol also exists, the one that can give away the big prize. At the same time, the wild can be used to form new combinations, as it is capable of taking the place of any of the other symbols. It takes the form of a red ruby, with Wild written at the bottom. Prizes of up to 150x are obtained directly through its own combinations.

The hand lamp is the bonus symbol, giving you a bonus feature when you have three of these symbols appearing on one of the paylines.


Betting options and jackpots

Despite the very low number of paylines, the slot gets expensive quickly, which is understandable since the Hold option gives the player a bit more control over the outcome than he normally receives. Each of the three lines can receive up to 5 coin wagers, with denominations of $0.01 to $5. There are $25 line bets when everything is maximized, with total bets of up to $75.

The jackpot is worth 150x to the player, or up to $3,750. The advantage is that if the initial spin gets you three wilds on the bottom payline, the Hold option allows you to triple that result by keeping them all in place.

Design and symbols

The design is cute in its own way, but it’s far from impressive. The goblin sits on the left side of the reels, using a mechanism with wheels and ropes to manipulate the reels and spin them when you start the game. He sits on a mountain of gold and gems, a true treasure. It’s an older design, which explains the low quality of the symbols selected for it, but it’s an enjoyable title anyway.

Symbols: Red Ruby (wild, 150x), Lantern (bonus), King Crown (125x), Emperor’s Crown (100x), Queen’s Crown (75x), Red Jug (50x), Blue Jug (35x), Green Jug (20x), Red Ring (15x), Purple Ring (10x), Green Ring (5x) and 3 Goblin Coins (1x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s the kind of game that doesn’t feel average, the features and the Hold option being largely responsible for that, as the design is entirely forgettable. If you haven’t tried slots with Hold options before, Goblin’s Cave would be a good one to start with.

Goblin’s Cave can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.