Greatest Odyssey Slots

Greatest-OdysseyGreatest Odyssey is about adventure first and foremost, one of the best topics that a slot machine could have, as it manages to give the player’s imagination something to dream about, not just a few pretty symbols. The adventure you’re getting here takes place underwater, with divers and submarines being part of the action, with sea monsters and treasures that are ready to be discovered. The interior of the submarine is visible behind the reels and the various dials and displays are part of the betting options as well, so overall it really does feel like you’re part of this adventure.

All the exciting action from Greatest Odyssey takes place on 25 paylines and 5 reels. There are a number of interesting features inside, like the lucky spins with multipliers of up to 25x, the wilds, bonus games and scatters. The Dollar Ball progressive jackpot is one of the potential prizes, while the slot offers up to $50,000 even without any multipliers getting involved.

Features of Greatest Odyssey

The treasures you will find along the way are the ones that most slot machines offer, so you get the wild symbol, you take advantage of bonus games and their prizes, you win lucky spins and they will come with multipliers of up to 25x (that really does sound lucky).

The wild symbol is a typical feature, which takes the shape of a huge octopus, a red monster that can place its tentacles all around the submarine, as it actually does in the symbol. Its appearance might be bad news for the submarine, but for you it’s going to be either an extra chance for a regular combination to be formed, if symbols are missing from it, or for the wild to award its own prizes if the conditions are met. When regular symbols line-up on a payline, but they need one extra symbol to pay you their prize, a wild symbol found in the right location can be that missing symbol. Another way for the wild to help out is when it manages to create combinations with two to five wilds on the same active line. The prizes get better when there are more wilds, up to 5,000x when all of them are present, but even two of them will get you paid (15x).


The Lucky Spins

The game uses something called lucky spins, which come with multipliers between 2x and 25x. When you have three or more scattered Treasure Books on your reels, you are given these 10 lucky spins, plus multipliers that apply to all their wins. It could be a multiplier of just 2x or 5x, which is still better than what a regular spin can get you, but the prospect of applying that 25x top multiplier to a winning combo sounds almost too good to be true. In theory, that could mean a top jackpot of 125,000x, a life changing prize.


Bonus Game

The girl symbol will be the one to trigger the bonus game. It’s a regular symbol, having to form combinations of 3+ symbols on active lines in order to trigger the feature. The number of symbols that were part of the combo will determine how many picks you have during the next phase of the game. You get three to five picks, so you have to choose from among the 10 options displayed on the screen. Each item you choose gets you a prize.

Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range of the game is from $0.01 to $250, which should be enough to cater to all budgets. You can work with the number of available bet lines (1 to 25 selectable), with the number of coins (1 to 10) and with their denomination (going from $0.01 to $1). You can bet $10 per line, or up to $250 total.

Without taking into account any potential multipliers that can be activated, the slot can reward players with a maximum of 5,000x what the line bet was. It can be a $50,000 top prize, plus you can try to get the progressive jackpot as well. The Dollar Ball feature requires a $1 bet each round, with a chance to win its progressive jackpot in a lottery style game that you take part in.

Design and symbols

The actual drawing style is not very realistic, but the adventure theme and the submarine that is involved in it manage to pull it out anyway. I’ve enjoyed playing the game, despite the rather crude drawing style, which doesn’t seem to want to make its symbols too realistic. Perhaps that’s part of the slot’s attraction. Instead of playing cards, the game uses some weird symbols that almost feel like they’re from an ancient civilization.

Symbols: Octopus (wild, 5,000x), Girl (bonus), Treasure Book (scatter), Submarine (500x), Scuba Diver (250x), Monitor (200x), Orange Sign (150x), Blue Sign (100x), Purple Sign (75x), Green Sign (50x) and Yellow Sign (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, especially if you love adventure and stories like the ones Jules Verne used to write. It’s that kind of slot machine, complete with huge prizes and multipliers, though the bets aren’t exactly on the low side. It has a lot to offer, so I would recommend you try it out for yourself.

Greatest Odyssey can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.