Incredible Hulk Slots

Incredible-HulkIncredible Hulk is a well known comic book, created by Marvel, with the slot being designed by the guys from Playtech. Its popularity grew in the last decade, thanks to the 2008 movie that was based on it, which brought it to the attention of the masses that didn’t necessarily read the original comic book. The action revolves around a scientist called Bruce Banner, which becomes a huge green monster called The Hulk when he gets angry. His transformation is possible because of a gamma radiation exposure, which gave him this super power.

As this is the 25 payline version of the game, you know exactly how much chances to win you get each round. It’s a typical 5 reel slot otherwise, with features giving you free spins, a chance to smash police cars during the bonus game, scatter symbols and wilds. There are good jackpots on the line, a $80,000 prize that is obtained directly from the slot and an additional collection of progressive jackpots that are provided by Marvel.

Features of Incredible Hulk

There are a number of cool features in Incredible Hulk, one of them being the expanding wild, the other a bonus feature, the scatter symbol being the third and final symbol. The scatter is also the one that can give you the free games and the attached multipliers.

The Hulk is present on the wild symbol’s image, a green monster that looks threateningly at you. Don’t worry though, he’s a good guy and his appearance on the reels is always something to smile about. While limited to the reels 2, 3 and 4, The Hulk wild will expand when it appears on the 3rd reel and the entire middle of the screen will be covered by it. You get multiple chances to form a combo this way, though it will never work when the bonus or scatter symbols are involved. You’re not going to get any prizes from this wild, but that’s to be expected since it appears on three reels only.


The scatter symbol’s representative is the game logo. The typical role of this symbol is to give away one or two types of prizes, by appearing in random positions, so it doesn’t have to form a regular combination (though it can’t hurt if it does that). The presence of at least three scatter symbols, with five being the maximum number, will reward you with a cash prize that goes from 10x to 100x the bet value.

Free Games Feature

Access to the free games is obtained with the help of the scatter symbol, whose presence on your reels will get you 10 free spins and x3 multipliers, but only if 3+ symbols contribute during the same spin.

Smash Bonus

This is the bonus game of Incredible Hulk, triggered by its own symbol, the Smash Bonus Logo. It has to appear on the 1st and 5th reels during the same round, and that will be enough to give you access.


As you appear in the role of the Hulk, you have to pick three cars that should be smashed by your character. They will show their prizes, after which you also get to destroy three helicopters, which will tell you what the multiplier is. With a bit of luck, you might get the random Hulk Rage triggered, which will allow your character to destroy all the cars.

Betting options and jackpots

With 25 lines available inside, the game allows you to select as many of them as you want. You are free to change the number of coins you use per line, from 1 to 10, a good range when betting is concerned. You can also modify the denomination of each coin, the range being from $0.01 to $2. You can bet up to $20 per line this way, or $500 total.

The game’s biggest prizes will get you 4,000x back, or up to 40,000 coins. Cash value would be up to $80,000, which is not a bad amount to look forward to. The alternative would be one of the four progressive jackpots that get triggered through Marvel’s own bonus feature, offered at random.

Design and symbols

There is no mistaking Incredible Hulk for another slot. There is a mix of radioactive green and black in the game, which makes sure that you will know what it’s about. The symbols are well designed, as a Marvel comic book themed slot should be. There are multiple progressive jackpots displayed at the top, at all times, good reasons to stick with this slot machine. The symbols are part modern military hardware and comic book inspired images, part stone made playing cards, perfect for the Hulk to smash while in rage mode.

Symbols: Hulk (wild), Smash Bonus (bonus), Logo (scatter, 100x round’s wager), Radiation Sign (4,000x), Green Liquid (500x), Police Car (200x), Military Helicopter (200x), Ace (100x), King (100x), Queen (75x), Jack (75x), 10 (50x) and 9 (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It will be a good slot machine, no matter if you’re a fan of the comic book or not. It makes sure of that with its multiple features, it’s above average design and the prizes that it can offer. I’d suggest you try it out for yourself, you will feel the same way.

The Hulk, Comic Book

One of the many superheroes from the Marvel Universe, Hulk is the name of the green monster that Bruce Banner turns into when he’s angry. This ability of Bruce Banner came as a result of a gamma radiation exposure. He becomes the Hulk when he’s in emotional distress, but in real life he is emotionally reserved and lacking social skills. The Hulk personality is usually separated of that of Bruce Banner, so one can’t control the other. While in some occasions that was possible, usually Banner doesn’t have any kind of control over Hulk.

The first time this comic book character appeared was in its own series, in May 1962. It was created by Stan Lee, together with Jack Kirby. He has appeared in movies and comic books, in animation series and in video games. Hulk received his own movie in 2008 and it was called The Incredible Hulk.

This Incredible Hulk slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.